I came home from work yesterday to find that our home had been burgularized. After calling the police, I opened the front door and went a short distance into the house (with the biggest crowe bar I could find in the garage) calling for my boy and he did not come.  Fearing the worst I retreated to the outside and waited for the police who went in with guns drawn. The thief was gone. Shortly my little cor-guy appeared at the front door shaking and frightened but apparently okay.  The thief had locked him in an upstairs bedroom.  Whatever the reason - accidentally, cuteness or annoyance, I am grateful. Hug your pups.

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The only time we were burglarized was when I was a teenager.  Our corgi (Kaleb) was still young so when we weren't home he was kept in the kitchen with a baby gate.  The burglar had broken in through the back sliding door and then had picked up a poker from the fireplace which was right near the door and carried it with him a little ways.  We think Kaleb must have started barking and the burglar had picked it up to use as a weapon against him but then saw that he was locked in the kitchen and set it down.  The burglar didn't get much (we were poor LOL) but it was very traumatizing for the whole family.  We were just so grateful that Kaleb had been locked up and didn't get hurt!

We, too, were visited by considerate burglars a few summers ago. My daughter came home to a broken down door and goods strewn around the living room. My biggest concern was with the door being broken and left wide open was whether or not the dogs had gotten out.  The thieves, however, kindly restored the barricade I have set up to keep the dogs away from the cat area and thus prevented any roaming.  There was a rash of break ins around our area with the master bedrooms being targeted for fast cash and jewelry.   Austin was probably asleep on my bed when they arrived.  My other dog was probably asleep in her crate.  Nothing of real value was taken, because being a multi pet household, other than the pets we can't afford anything of real value and thieves should realize this.  So other than the inconvenience of trying to find somebody to repair our front door at dinner time and cleaning up a mess (finally something to blame the disarray on) no real damage was done, fortunately.

Austin seemed completely unfazed by the intruders and gladly welcomed the door repairmen, probably wondering what other visitors to expect.  Dogs probably enjoyed the unexpected company and the ensuing excitement.

My daughter moved out a month later but the dogs stayed.


My Momo is only 9 months old, and i have a feeling, when he gets older, hes not going to be much of a 'guard' or 'WATCH/ALARM' dog.  LOL.

Even now, when we walk into the house, he makes NO NOISE at all.  He'll just sit there from his crate or behind the baby gate and just have a puppy head tilt to his head.... almost saying "You let me out now?  We play?"

I'm sure momo wouldn't do ANYTHING if a burglar came in.  As long as the robber gives him treats and pets him, Momo will be like, "You're my new best friend!  You can have ANYTHING you want."

smh smh.. LOL.  

Honestly tho, i hope we NEVER get robbed.  I may be interested in getting a LARGE dog just for that PROTECTION part in the future. 

I thought this was going to be sad ending with corgi stolen too. Sorry about all your stuff, but thankful you and your dog are reunited. I would be angry about stuff, but cry about dog. Happy ending. And I hope the thieves get caught.

I'm so glad your Boy was okay!. When Oscar was 1 year old we had an attempted break in of our home The thief got more than he bargined for Oscar had him bailed up on the front verandah of our house I was told by the neighbours and  the police that the Guy 6 foot 4 was so terrified of Oscar that he wet himself and Oscar kept him cornered till the police arrived!. I dont care about the house or my things but if anything happened to my dogs at the hands of a burgular I would not be responcible for my actions towards that person or persons!. 

Wow, Go Oscar!

WOW! What a terrible ordeal for you and cor-guy.  So glad no one was hurt.

I'm sure glad your little guy was safe.  And of course, the thief had to lock him up because your corgi was trying to herd him about and organize the theft better.

Someone below said it perfectly (aside from John Wolff!!!):   you can replace everything but your corgi.  Those wretched people probably did need to shut up your corgi.  I know Tasha would drive any potential burglar bananas with her barking.... I am sorry for your experience and am so glad that your corgi is all right.  Nan

When we were robbed last year, they kicked in our front door.  They took all electronics and all our jewelry.  But, as they left they stood the door back up so from the outside it looked normal.  Thank God they did, because of course, it kept our furbabies inside!  That was all I cared about.  They could have what ever they wanted just leave my babies alone!!!!!!!

I really hate it when someone comes to me looking for a dog for "protection." I tell them that a dog that barks but doesn't look or act threatening is your best bet. Or do they want a dog who will be shot by an intruder/mugger? Or hit with that fireplace poker? A big voice, or a bad breed reputation combined with a good disposition is usually my recommendations. Just like those corgis you guys described.

Julia....Max is excellent at sounding vicious.  Corgis have a bark that is far bigger then they are.  If someone comes into the house he will bark and dog their every step until I tell him to stop.  He won't bite but if someone doesn't know him they aren't sure.  That works for me.  I wouldn't want a dog that I needed to worry about.  I now have 4 pitbulls behind me.  I can see they are very loving with their people and are good with the cocker spaniel and maltese that also live there but if they see me even moving about in my kitchen...you can see into the window from their yard they bark at me and they don't like my dogs.

I only want a dog to tell me if there is something I need to know.  Someone at the door or that one of the cats is doing something they shouldn't.  My previous corgi, Arnie, would bark when the phone rang which was wonderful for me being hearing impaired and I was vacuuming or in a room away from a phone.  He was never taught that, he some how picked it up on his own. 


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