Hi all,

We recently brought home our second corgi puppy - a cardigan this time.  We were very pleased with the breeder we chose and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a cardigan - adults or puppies - in the south. 

Keith Bonin, of Cajun Cardigans has been showing and breeding for a long time.  He lives in Louisiana and is a registered AKC breeder and member of the Bluebonnet Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club.  He was kind enough to send us lots of pictures and a video of the puppies to help us choose one that would be right for our home.  When we still couldn't decide, he graciously told us to come by and "spend as long as we like" hanging out with the puppies, asking him questions, and picking out our new dog.  We felt like old friends with him as we talked and got to know each other.  When we were ready to leave with our new puppy, he gave us tons of information as well as a care package to help the new puppy adjust.  Luke has been home for almost three weeks now.  We have every piece of information we could possible need and Keith has emailed us to check on him and answer any other questions that we might have had.  Overall, it was a comfortable, enjoyable experience working with him.  Luke is a happy, well-adjusted, healthy puppy and came home that way.

Anyone looking for a cardigan should visit his site at http://cardigancorgipups.com/ to find his contact information.  He is located in central Louisiana (about a 3.5 hour drive from Houston, where we live).

Good luck to anyone looking!

Lindsey, Dustin

Luke & Leia

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I'm so glad you posted this!  I've been looking at their site for about 6 months now, although I haven't  contacted them yet since I'm not quite ready for a pup.  I live in La. and am looking for a breeder nearby - glad to hear a positive review of this one.

Congratulations on joining the Cardigan team! :-D I'm so glad that you had a great experience with your breeder. It really feels awesome when you find one that just clicks with you, right away. Keep us updated on Luke's progress!

I have two cardigans from Keith, and we have had the same experience....very helpful, responsive, and supportive.


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