Brady joins our family today!  We are meeting the breeder in Springfield, MA where she has a show this weekend.  We will be spending some time to see how the dogs get along..I'm not expecting any real problems...and then we will be headed home.

She is Max and Katie's breeder also.  When I talked to her the other night she was asking how Max was doing.  I let her know the tumors have shrunk but the DM is progressing.  She has a cart that was donated to the club that she is bringing with her for when we reach the point of needing one!  We will return it to the club when we no longer need it.  With the double diagnosis we don't know which will progress the fastest but if it's the DM and he is still a happy boy we will have the cart for him.

So cross your fingers that all goes well today!

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Crossing fingers and toes!

How exciting! Hope all goes qell. That's great that she has a cart she can borrow you also! Can't wait to hear more!!!!

I am so excited for you!  Please let us know how it goes.   Also, if you do use a borrowed cart, be very careful about fit.  It's wonderful you can borrow but I also remember you saying Max is a big boy.  I know Maddie's cart would never fit Jack. He's an inch and a half taller, his girth is several inches bigger, and he weighs about 8 pounds more even though he's skinnier than she is.  

Let us know how it goes! 


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