Located in Nottingham, PA in Amish country

Susie is wonderful breeder where we got out PWC on December 19th 2008.
We met her once before we picked up our pup and met the mother and the whole litter. We got to pick our own out of the litter as we interacted with them for about an hour.
she also breeds German Shepards- it's quite interesting to see the shepards bark and run around like they want to eat you, while the PWC's just relax and ignore them.

She also is NOT DOCKING tails anymore. I know some of you want docked tails which are for appearance, but we love our pup's tail!
She has special terms for those pups who can be candidates for breeding- she will offer the dog for you to have for 2 years (still under her ownership) and then she breeds the pup, and then you own the dog thereafter.

Our dog has great temperment! she gets very excited to meet new faces- big and small people, and very good with other dogs!

she also does offer a health guarantee which includes 80% refund for hip displasia

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Our Talula is from EZ Brook. She's only 4 months old, but so far healthy and loves to chase her tail. We wish her other ear would pop up, but that's not a health defect!
do you remember her parent's? ours was born in oct 29th.
Keystone's high voltage jackson was the father and the mother was lady margaret. We're in philly too- we should meet up since our dogs look soo much alike!
Both Talula and our Oppy were the litter from Jackson and Bella.
Hi, I know this thread is over a year old but found it interesting. My Mobley and Ruby are also Jackson pups but we got them at Adonai Farms in MD, they also use Jackson to sire many of their litters. Nice to know we have family on here! :)
I'm getting my girl from EZ Brook this weekend!! I'm so excited to brush and kiss her little tail.
oh awesome!

take ALOT of pics and alot of videos if you can!!
We got Oppy from EZ Brook as well (Talula's brother). He's been absolutely great. First and foremost he came pretty much crate trained. He very rarely had any messes in his crate. Having a full tail has been very nice as well. Nothing like staring down at him and his tail is just flapping from side to side. Also, docked corgis can't exactly chase their tail like Oppy does (spins in circles quite fast). Maybe they can, but they sure as hell won't ever catch it :p
Oh, the only downside we've seen so far is that Oppy has a bit of a sensitive stomach. I'm not sure if that's due to the breeding or just a specific case, but we don't mind. As long as he doesn't eat anything he's not supposed to (or too much too fast) he's ok.
yeah our dog has stomach issues (soft stools) sometimes if she eats something out of the ordinary.
yes the tails are great- especially when you walk in and their tail wags so hard their whole back end if sliding around on the tile or hardwood!
I love it...they have tails!!!!!!!!! Great!
I also checked them out! I wanted a tailed corgi also! Unfortunately I didn't want to be shipping a dog back and forth from Minnesota!! So glad she's leaving the tails...


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