Okay, Tootsie is afraid of most bowls. Don't know what it is - won't eat/drink out of anything that is clear or frosted. Even dark bowls are taboo.....

Can anyone shed light on this? I've had her since she was a baby (she is 1 1/2 years old) so I just don't get it....

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4 possibilities: (1) Not a corgi; (2) Controlled by UFO brain implants; (3) She's just messing with your mind and laughing behind your back; (4, most disturbing) You've seen "Lilo & Stitch"?

Try this: get a small new catbox, put some clean kitty litter in it, and put Tootsie's food in that?
Kitty litter box would work!!!!!!!!!
have u tried paper plates/bowels or Styrofoam? im sorry i dont have much advice as i have never had this problem
It is by far the oddest Corgism I have encountered....I have tried everything...I think I am going to start with bowls that are smaller than the item being offered and then work my way up....
that sounds like a good idea. have u tried the "touch game"?its one Victoria Stillwell made up and i have seen it work even with teddy when he was scared of the blender
Thanks, I will have to try that - I too say her use that on her show.
When we first got Lando Oliver home he was like this. Poor DH tried to rationalize it, maybe he can see himself (in the metal bowls), he doesn't like the scraping on the floor (in the ceramic bowls). I had enough and just fed him and if he was hungry he would eat. He got used to the bowls real quick.
I gave in before she gave in.....
my sons corgi was scared of his bowl , and they noticed his collar would hit it when he ate out of it , so they decided it was the noise it mad .. now hes fine.. hes three yrs old.
This is something to think about. After some YEARS, I realized that Gwynnie's tags rattled because they swung low and her forelegs struck them at every stride. It might have been really annoying, and the dog can't complain. I just shortened the loop, now they don't strike her legs, and they're silent.
I also think a lot of small-dog collars are way heavier then they need to be, and we're asking the dogs to lug all that stuff around all the time.
Tootsie is nude at home so no tags to hit the bowls....I just tried a paper plate at work with food on it...NO WAY....had to dump it on the floor.
well shes a bit picky isnt she . hahahaha
maybe its a phase?


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