Bento is 13 weeks as of today.  He gets three meals (.5 cup of kibble) a day at 6:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 6:30 pm.  At what weeks or months do we transition his feeding schedule from three meals to two?  


Also, at what hour do you feed your corgi?

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teddy got three meals a day up until he was 6months old since puppies need the extra calories. now teddy gets 2meals a day (and snacks of course) he gets breakfast at around 8am or 9am but if i am going to take him to the lake and since he will be running around i feed him at 5am (we leave at 6:30) so he will not get bloat. he gets dinner at 5-5:30 and he will let me know exactly when it hits 5 lol if i give him a lunch its usually half a can of green beans but thats only if he had a tiring day and i can tell that hes ACTUALLY hungry   

I did two meals a day with my dogs when they were puppies and they did fine. Mine get fed at about 8am and again at 6pm. I would still give him the same amount of food though.
Mine get 3 meals as I like to spread it out but I'm sure most only get 2.  Mine eat between 6 and 8 am, 12N-1pm and then again between 5 and 7 pm. Depending on when we get home or get up.
I fed Johann 3x/day up until he was about 5 months... But the time I put his food in his dish varies from the time he eats it, lol.  If I feed him at 8am, he might not be hungry til about 9am, etc. Or maybe he will only eat half of it and save the rest for later.  But anyways, he usually has eaten his morning food by the time I get home at 3pm, so then I give him his second half between 5-6.  He gets extremely hyper withing 10 mins of eating, so I usually will walk him around 7.  He gets 3/4cup for each meal because he is still a pup.  When he's about a year, I will take it down a little bit if he is getting chubby.  Some people have told me you can feed a corgi puppy 2 cups a day, but I don't think it's necessary for mine. The amount of food you feed your dog also depends on the calories in it... the label should say how many calories are in a cup.  Typically a puppy needs approx. 800 cals/day; give or take for activity level.  Just check your dog food bag :)
Thanks for all the information. Summer is about to wind down, and I'll start teaching again by the end of the month. Bento will be 17 weeks then, and I hope to get him used to being fed twice a day while I'm away at school. My husband's work is an hour away, so he won't be able to feed Bento during his break, which means it'll be two meals for Bento.
We feed Leena between 7-8 am, 3-4pm  and 8-9pm.


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