So my corgi pups are currently at 4 weeks of age. I was wondering what at what age should they get their first shots and deworming?

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When I had puppies years ago I followed Dr. Jean Dodd's schedule because I agree that dogs are currently and have been over vaccinated for quite some time (perhaps since the beginning).  You can find it in detail at

I'm not sure about deworming but I guess the Center for Disease Control recommends at least 4 dewormings which are usually done at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks.

With the link to the vaccine schedule, I would follow your vet's recommendation on lepto and if you opt not to vaccinate for parvo/distemper then at least do titers to make sure your dog is protected. There is no cure for distemper and many dogs die, there is also no cure for parvo and 50% will die without hospitalization for at least 3-5 days, if not more.

If boarding or going to dog parks, ask for the intranasal bordetella. It does not go systemic, it stays in the mucous membranes of the nose and we almost never see side effects from intranasal other than a very mild case of bordetella occassionally. The vaccine itself isn't always effective though.

The 12 reported cases of lepto in California is an outdated number. I have been working at a vet hospital for 5 years now (off and on) and have seen 4 cases in that time, it is a human health risk as well. This is in one location, the veterinary teaching hospital at UC Davis treats several cases each year, much more than 12. Lepto is currently on the rise due to breeders and uniformed owners deciding not to vaccinate for the disease. This is also true for parvo. I still have only seen 1 case of distemper since working at a vet.

Just a note on the chart above, skip the Coronavirus. Its a disease of VERY young puppies (think 4 weeks and younger) so you just waste your money when vaccinating as they get older. Some DHPP vaccines are already mixed with Corona so you get that vaccine either way, but if its optional, then skip it.

Most puppies start the series at 8 weeks old. They then get boosters every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks or older. Rabies is done at different ages depending on where you live. In California it can be done no sooner than 16 weeks. The vaccine for DHPP given at or after 16 weeks is the one that gains the most immunity because by then mom's antibodies are for sure out of the puppy's system. If your puppies are 16 weeks old (4 months) then you would only have to do DHPP twice (one now and one booster), Younger puppies are given a series of 3-4 to make sure they have proper immunity. If they've never been de-wormed, then they should be de-wormed now and also started on a monthly heartworm prevention. After you give a broad spectrum de-wormer to get rid of the parasites they have (all puppies have them), the monthly heartworm preventative will take care of future infestations as well as heartworm disease.

I believe this depends on the heartworm med. the pups I give only the heartworm preventative(Heart guard) and my adults get Iverguard with other wormers in it. So check before you give it.

very true, heartgard plus has intenstinal de-wormer, regular heartgard does not. Good point

I start worming with a general wormer at 4 weeks and then it's every 21 days for 3 times. I am also considering worming for coxidia(sp) as this seem to be getting more prevelant and my vet says many people now do.

Shots....I wait till they are almost 8 weeks but since my pups don't leave till 10 weeks I feel better waiting.



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