We have a new flea problem, we are spending the winter in south Florida. (it's cold in North Carolina) The boys are collecting fleas when we walk and are getting bit, their monthly flea stuff is working because the fleas quickly die.  But they have been bit and they are miserable itching and driving us crazy with the scratching.

Is there a herbal/organic spray or something we could use on them when we go on walks that would prevent the fleas from wanting to jump on them? 

We don't have a yard and walking is the only exercise they get.  They love to go on walks and we feel terrible leaving them home just because of fleas. 

Any and all help wanted.....even if I have to spray them with garlic!!!!

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Try switching to a product like Advantix, it is the only flear product that says it repels fleas too. Or you can try putting on a flea collar like the preventic collar when going out. They do make herbal sprays that should repel, just go take a look at your local petstore. I have one for Franklin, not sure if it actually works as I rarely use it.

We have Frosty on Frontline and have had some trouble with him picking up fleas this year.  My vet said that Frontline only kills the fleas after the fleas bite your dog.  The vet said to prevent flea bites and the picking up and carrying of fleas, to switch to Advantix

we had good results with Fleabusters (they dust your home with polyborate salts, basically borax, a dessicant not a neurotoxin).  Seattle is a very different climate, Florida might be different.

My Sparty was highly allergic to fleas so all of ours have been on Advantix.

You might want to consider switching to Trifexis for flea protection.  I previously had Butters on a topical treatment as well until her vet explained to me the difference between the two.  She said that with typical topical treatments the flea can bite multiple times before it actually dies.  With Trifexis it typically dies within one bite.  Trifexis is an oral flea prevention that also includes heart worm protection and a couple types of worm prevention as well.  It's basically an all in one, with the exception of ticks.  I was a little apprehensive to give her an oral, but this is her 2 month and she's done really well.  We just moved back to Virginia Beach and this place is a flea haven.  Before with her topical treatment I would still find fleas crawling on her until they died.  I was not a happy Mama.  But I have not seen one single little devil on her since she's been on the Trifexis.  Maybe it'd be worth talking to your vet about.  Good luck with the flght on those little tricky bastards.  :)

I don't know if it really worked or not, but I've used lavender essential oil (and sometimes other essential oils) and put them in a spray bottle with water and sprayed it on Rocky when we are out in flea season. He smells great and I like to think it worked? If you google lavender and fleas, there are tons of "recipes". :)

Thanks everyone, we bought some herbal oil spray today. It is suppose to repel the fleas and they smell wonderful. Talked to a couple vets today and most recommended Trifexis. We can't start until 1st of January because we just gave the Revolution.

For now they are both on diphhydramine that is helping some. We never expected fleas to be our biggest challenge when we decided to spend the winter here in Fort Meyers Beach.

We always call the vet where we go for the winter and check to see what is working there. Our local vet orders it for us so we can use it right before we go so the dogs are protected when we get there. It never seems to be whatever is working at home. We go to S GA and the vet said Advantix is working there. We use Frontline in N IA.

Yes, this flea biting problem is new to us.  We have lived in NC for 7 years and never had a flea or tick problem on Revolution. Next year we will call ahead, that is such a good idea.


I have seen some flea deterrents on pinterest. Do you have an account? You should check it out. It helps me out with a lot of things.

Florida is bad with fleas. You dont want to overdue the mounthly chemicals to kill the fleas as it cause have long term damage to the kindneys. I use Advantix to kill the fleas and if I am bringing my pups to a heavy flea area I use lavender oil to repel fleas. Three weeks and nota bug found. My boys smell like little princesses, but it is worth it.


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