Hi everyone, just thought I'd give you a heads up on a potential hazard. Peanut loves to nap on our floor vents. The other day, I heard him crying in the kitchen. I went to investigate and discovered that his rabies and name tags became lodged in the vent, thus, Peanut was pinned to the floor and scared. I quickly took off Peanut's collar and remedied the situation. Now, Peanut is going collar free while in the house. Thought I'd pass this along to help others avoid this situation.

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I just had Sage get her tags stuck in the decking on one of our entries...all of a sudden she was struggling to get up. She always wears a break away collars but they don't break that easy.

I have had both of my pems wear halters.  I know some don't like them but I feel safer with them having something that has their tags on them that doesn't constrict their necks.  My previous pem girl got her tags caught in a floor vent but she just pulled the vent up and carried it around until I could separate it from her halter.

I would have never thought of that....thanks for the warning!

Thank you for the warning!  We never leave collars on the dogs in the house;  there are too many hazards.  I wish they made very thin breakaway collars for dogs that break easily (like cat collars) for those people who live in places where having tags on at all times is crucial.  :-(      No one should have to decide between one safety risk and another.  

Love the tag but I need to have a rabies tag also around here as they will call the vet or bring them in...

I had a German Shepherd  whose tag got caught in the slats of the outdoor deck....fortunately I was there to see it as she panicked.  I had forgotten about this.  For years I only used tags that riveted into the nylon fabric of the collars., then we moved to Colorado where we have neither floor vents, nor wood decking.  Now we spend time also in Virginia, where again we have both.... thanks for the reminder, time to change tags again.  I'll look into the link Jane posted, as those tags can be moved from one collar to another, making a change of address easy when we travel.


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