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I wanted to ask how much to feed my 11 week old corgi. I have been giving him 1/4 cup of Diamond puppy kibble three times a day and a handful of Blue Buffalo treats throughout the day for potty training purposes.


He scarfs his food and looks at me for more. Am I giving him enough? Thank you in advance for any help ;)

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I think you can definitely increase his food at this point. Read what the bag suggests and feed accordingly, usually you feed to the adult weight. I believe Franklin was getting somewhere around 1 1/2- 2 cups when he was a few months old (basically whatever he wanted to eat! Lol). He was a VERY skinny boy because he was incredibly active so I couldnt' keep weight on him. I'd just follow the directions on the bag though when they are puppies and as they are older slowly decrease food intake (and NEVER follow directions on the bag for an older dog bc then they will be super fat). 

He could be eating a bit more. I sometimes free feed mine but that may not work for him. I would increase it to at least 1/2 cup or maybe a bit more each time. Right now he is growing and may need the calories.

I always fed my puppies 1.5 cups a day at least. Luke was up to 2.5 cups a day at one point and still was so scrawny!


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