I just got a call from a lady in Sacramento. She found a female corgi hiding between her house and a neighbors. She has no microchip or collar. It looks like she recently had puppies. She is possibly two years old, red with a white collar. If you know who she belongs to contact me at, rescue@goldengatecorgis.org

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Update: The check up with the veterinarian revealed she is 3-4 years old. Has had many litters, estimate that when she came in season she got pregnant. She was just going out of season when examined. Probably bred again. She is severely under weight but otherwise is very healthy. She will relieve herself on gravel or asphalt but not on grass or dirt. She is kind, sweet and loves any attention. The lady that found her passed her to a friend to foster her while the hunt for the owner continues. The only call from their efforts was from a man that had to put his corgi down and wants to take her. The family that is fostering her has fallen in love with her and will keep her if the owner is not found. They are good people that take very good care of their dogs and she will be a family member and have lots of fun activities. They have an Aussie but have not had a corgi. They have my number if they ever want to talk corgi. She will be spayed after the ten days when the veterinarian deems it is safe. She has been successfully moved from a bland diet (she had diarrhea) to a premium dog food now. She is happy and enjoying her foster home.

Wow! Poor puppy! Glad she's got a happy home. =)

I'm happy to hear that she is doing better.  In my opinion if the owner has not reached out in anyway...vets, craigslist, flyers, shelters, rescues and so on....then they are not interested in finding her.  The vet estimates she is 3-4 years old and has had many litters?  To me that doesn't sound like a responsible breeder.  Hopefully she has already found a loving home where she can get the care and love that she deserves.

I agree with Linda...if she has had many litters at that age she was being used just produce pups:( Hope she finds a great home and can now enjoy her life! It's always an adjustment but it's good someone found her and saved her from a poor life!

So glad she will have a happy life and a loving family

Blessings to the pup and caregiver! Glad she has found a loving home/family...


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