I know it's gross, but I don't know what to do. Anyone else have this problem with their Corgi? He's been doing it ever since we got him and I can't get him to stop. I watch him as he goes and pick it up quickly, but I want to be able to let him out and not have to worry about watching his every move. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Danielle, Frank is young and needs absolute supervision, always take him out on a leash, including the backyard, he needs to learn to respect the leash and understand when the leash is on, it's business his focus should be on you at all times. When you cannot watch him, put him in a crate. 


When he picks up the poop and proceed to eat it, say drop it and use your fingers to dig Mr Hanky out of his mouth, pull him away from the remaining fragments. Practice "leave it" and "drop it". Good luck!

We got some pills to feed Penny. If makes the poop taste bad to dogs. I don't know what could taste worse! But it worked. For awhile I had to give the pills to all 3 corgis just to stop Penny. Of course you can't feed the pills to raccoons, so your dog could still try to eat poop other animals leave.

Our usual brand of dog food was not there, so I took a chance on a can

of El Cheapo.

When I opened it there were blobs of fat all thorough it. Ewwww! I can’t feed this to my precious corgis! As I held the can over the garbage I noticed that it said “chicken and rice”.  Wait-a-minute. Rice? Sure enough, the blobs of ‘fat’ were grains of rice. The doggies liked it just fine.  Duh!

Several of my Corgis over the years did this. I tried every product and nothing worked until Nasty Habit. I sound like a commercial, but I have nothing to do with the product except be grateful for it every day! My dog can kiss me without that awful breath. Nasty Habit is a liver flavored tablet that you add to dinner daily. If you have more than one dog, you need to use a tablet daily for each of them. My dogs will eat it plain as their morning treat. Initially, it worked like a charm. Then over time, less effective. So I doubled and then tripled the dose, 3 tabs with dinner. This has worked perfectly to the point that we slowly reduced from 3 to 2 and now 1 is working 100% of the time. Within another few months I'm going to try to stop it altogether, but I'm afraid of messing w. success. One a day works for me!

If you try it, let me know how it works for you. I think I tried it because it got more positive reviews on Amazon than any of the other products out there.

The only thing that really worked for us was keeping the yard clean and a strong scolding if we caught him in the act. I never tried any of the pill things you can add to their food, because feeding my dog the same ingredient as pepper spray just freaked me out lol.
The easiest and cheapest is Anise seed.  Its in the spice section at the super market.  You just sprinkle a pinch or so in the food.  I had a dog do the same thing and it worked like a charm!  Anise is the stuff that has the black licorce taste.  My dog didnt mind the taste at all.

@Donna - wow. anise seed. never heard that before. and of course your dog will eat food sprinkled with anise seed (even tho I wouldn't, haha) because your dog's a corgi! a corgi will just about anything, including poop...


thanks for the tip. i'll try it.

I think the pills I gave my gang was the Nasty Habit ones. However, once Penny stopped eating the poop for awhile I was able to stop using the pills. She evidently lost interest in eating the poop.
@sarah - I'm on the last bottle of Nasty Habit and am not planning on buying more unless I need to. I suspect the behavior will be gone w/o it. Yay Nasty Habit.
Simba used to do this. Strong scolding and catching him stopped him. I have a jack russel that is indoor trained and simbas outdoors. He used to eat both his and sophies.. I think its a matter of them just wanting a clean area, like a mom dog does if her babies do this. I just maintained the area my other dog went and walked him more often, and problem solved itself
Wendy, Thought of you today when I was in Walmart and saw a similar product called Potty Mouth!
You can add pineapple to their food for the same effect- makes their poop taste gross.


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