Does anyone else's pup do this? Jasper occassionally tries to frap while he's on a walk. I usually love when he fraps, but it's pretty annoying when he tries to do it on a leash, yanking me back and forth. People look at me like my dog's insane (which is true for the most part, lol)!

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Ours like to do that a lot! We used to let them and we called it "flying corgis" but Sparty has knee problems so we stopped it. I just tighten up on the leash and say "no" and keep walking. Now that I also walk the doberman it would be impossible to allow it. Too bad, because it was fun to watch! And the corgis found it very amusing!
Mine does all the time, but I keep him on a 12' retractable which he knows the limits of very well (he is not a puller) so it is fine by me
Bandit has been frapping a lot lately when we walk. He would start running around me in circle and then darting left and right and left and right... then stay down for a minute and then freak out bouncing around like something in the grass has nipped him in the butt. sometimes he just doesnt stop, especially when we are near our complex, so i just run as fast as i can with him into the apartment while him making those crazy corgi noises, and he fraps for another 5 minutes around the living room and kitchen. It is soooooo embarassing when he fraps on a big street and everyone's watching, but he is definitely having lots of fun making me look like an incompetant owner. =).

oh and he howled for the first time yesterday after watching a fire truck drove by. that was soooo cute!!! =D and then he started frapping after that.....
We dont have a problem with Lance frapping on leash. Today for the first time I saw him frapping on his lead in the backyard, which I discouraged because I didnt want him to get caught up in and hurt himself. He was really wound up today because we had workers at our house all day, so play time was limited for most of the day. : (
Yes, Finnigan does that and he'll even grab the leash and start bucking, wagging his tale and barking. It's like he suddenly get's so excited he just doesn't know what to do with himself. It is annoying and a bit embarrassing. :)
Sidney does this at the beginning of our walk, for sure. Grabs the leash in his mouth too!
The polar opposite, when we have walked for awhile, he goes "flat dog", laying there like a lump and refusing to budge. What a psycho!
omg, my puppy does it all the time. She's almost eight months old and she's gotten a little better, but she'll do it randomly out of nowhere. Sometimes she'll have moments where she'll get really aggressive towards me and bark (she rarely barks) if I don't stop her soon. But that's when I have to put her on her side to calm down and people think I'm abusing her. That's why I got her spayed but she's still kinda crazy... corgis are very a.d.d.
Same with Finn. When he's pulling on the leash like that and I give him a verbal warning it just makes it worse. That's when he's start barking and growling (still wagging his tail mind you) and if I reach out to correct him he's been known to put his mouth on me. We have to put him on his side until he catches on that this is not a game and it's not ok. I have doing it outside where people can see me too because I'm sure it looks bad for the both of us. :)
LOL good to know I'm not the only one with a "psycho dog" on our walks!
I have an eight month old and I get worried if she doesn't frap on one of the two walks she gets a day!
frapping? by that do you mean the dog biting the leash while u walk. if i didnt use a retractable my dog would walk, scratch that, run around the yard w/the leash in his mouth. hilarious, but annoying all in the same.


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