I knew something wasn't right with Snicker's tooth, but went into denial for several months. Finally realized that I was seeing pulp (a tiny spot of red) on the tooth, and wishing it away wasn't working. So she went in for an extraction and the vet found that the other big pre-molar was broken too. I think she probably broke them on antlers, so I am giving away the new ones that she hadn't gotten yet. The vet laughed at me, saying she doesn't have the molars that they break by chewing, but I want the antlers out of the house. Poor little girl has to struggle just to gnaw on a Greenie now, where before she was the fastest of our 3 dogs to finish them. Anyway, if you would like the antlers, I will mail them to you. I'll take requests until 4/15 (tax day) and then draw a name out of a hat to choose the "winner".

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Hooray for Jane! Looks like you and Snick had some fun with it. :-)

Update on the antlers....they LOVE them (and the treats too)! Thanks!


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