I've searched through some of the blogs and seems like everyone who's used a furminator for their corgi loves it. However, our Corgi's breeder never uses a furminator - she says it damages the coat.  Has anyone noticed any changes to their Corgi's fur after using a furminator (ie. changes in color or texture - more coarse/rough, less soft )?

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I've never noticed a difference, but I could see it damaging the coat if overused or done incorrectly.

If you're not showing your dog, a tiny bit of damage to the coat is worth the 10 lbs of loose fur you'd get out, IMO lol.

I don't use it very often, and always go "lightly." I have not seen any damage, Bogart has a beautiful coat. He gets fish oil and coconut oil which is supposed to help.

No damage here. I don't use it too long and about once a week in the summer and probably once every other week/three weeks in the winter. Before and after baths! hahah! I've seen no issues except Charlie falling asleep and having to wake him up to move him around ;)


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