I posted this in the wrong section so I'm posting this again. I would like to know your opinions on what ill need and what kinds of toys and chews are safe. if you prefer wire or plastic crate and why. This will be my first puppy on my own so any information is appreciated.

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what size cage should I get for a puppy? the one I want to get is the petmate sky 32 x 22.5 x 24 inches but I don't want her to go potty in it.

That size is fine.  You can make a divider out of cardboard or wood and use that to gradually make the crate bigger as she grows.

wont a puppy chew the cardboard?

They could, I've never tried it.  I've always had a metal wire crate that came with a divider I was able to use.  I think I remember reading the cardboard thing on a forum or in a book. 

As a side note, I made cardboard "walls" to go over my entertainment shelf openings and lined the edges with tape so their wouldn't be enticing to tear.  Seems to be working, Lucy hasn't really tried to bite them.

They may make dividers for plastic crates.  But you could try any material you think appropriate. 

reading these corgi books just make me want one now! lol

I know!  Enjoy this time of anticipation for your pup.  It's fun to read up on the breed and training, and shop for toys and everything they will need.  It certainly makes your pups transition to your home easier when everything is all set up for them. 

I noticed your breeder lives in Oregon.  I'm from Oregon originally, I bet corgis would love it there!  I live in the southwest now.  Corgis like it here too, but appreciate having wading pools when it gets hot!

I hear corgis like snow. Its only snowed twice this year but it stuck around for days, then the last one everything iced over and trees were falling over everywhere.

Corgis LOVE snow.  It snowed in our town a few times this winter, and Lucy loved it.  She hops and hops until she can't hop anymore - then takes a nap and hops in the snow more!

Thanks to Ashlie for starting the discussion and everyone's replies, very helpful!!! I get Corgie (yes, Corgie; check my profile for the story ;) ) in two weeks and have been overwhelmed with all the choices and whatnot.


Is it a problem if the breeder doesn't register the litter? I think because she doesn't there is no contract of spay and neuter but she said the puppies are not for breeding.
R the parents registered? It doesn't cost that much to register so I can't figure out why they wouldn't unless they don't have papers...I would ask more questions and procede with caution.


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