I have an extra day in London next month when I visit. Planning to do a day trip in Wales. I was reading my Lonely Planet book and realized there's a county (or province?) called Pembrokeshire! And there's a small town called Pembroke. (Though I think I will just go to Cardiff)

I'm just wonder if there are a lot of corgis in Wales... haha... and if there's any corgi attractions in Wales.

Haha... I'm just too crazy about corgis.

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My breeder, Jan Richardson, is from Wales (living in Alabama now) and named her kennel after her favorite place: Tresaith. And what is that water you see? Cardigan Bay! Have fun on your trip!
Yes, they are the Corgis from Pembrokeshire and that's how they got their name. The "other" Corgis were from Cardiganshire. :-)

My understanding is that both Corgis are quite rare in their motherland, and in the British Isles in general.
Ashley lives in Cardiff. You should ask her!
I got my corgi momentos at Windsor Castle, because the queen is so crazy for corgis. That was years ago though.

Have a fun and safe trip!!
We went to Wales on a choir trip for two weeks and actually never saw a corgi :( I hope you have better luck!

I LOVED wales and can't wait to go back!
I grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire and Letchworth, Hertfordshire back in the 80s. You are correct, we call them "Counties".

UK Corgis are actually on the "vulnerable list", there's less than 100 purebred puppies registered per year by the EKC, growing up in England I only saw corgis on the Tele.

Besides Ashley, Sarah, Collette and Mair are also from Wales.
I didnt know you grew up in the UK! Wow.
We spend a lot of time in the UK. We rarely see Corgi's. Saw one in Stratford last year, the first in a long time. We see a few more in Wales.
I heard from a lady elsewhere on-line, that lives in Wales, that Corgis are indeed becoming rare sights there. I looked at the web page for Pembrokeshire and they didn't even have a Corgi on the part of the site that explained how "dog friendly" they are! I always dreamed of traveling to Wales and seeing the vast herds of wild Corgis still roaming the plains of Wales but apparently there are no Welsh plains, only hills and mountains, and the vast herds of Corgis would be limited to my on-line friend and her two Corgis running back and forth in front of me.
I've been told the same thing and I've never seen one in the flesh when I've been over there. I spent a month in the Welsh countryside and saw a lot of herding being done, but only by Border Collies. The Queen has Pems, but I think even there, she likes to create her own little designer Dorgis by crossing with her dachshunds. Cardis are a true rarity.
The Queen's last litter of corgis was back in 2002, 2 tri color pems, she kept only one and the other was given to her mother. There are only 4 Dorgis left in the palace and the Queen did not intentionally breed them, they were the result of an accident between the Queen's own corgi and her sister Princess Margaret's Dachshund.


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