Goldy only wants to eat at night now? Summer heat?

Goldy - my 2 year old Pembroke - has recently decided that she doesn't want to eat in the mornings anymore.

In the past our feeding schedule has always been:

1/2 cup of food in the morning around 5 or 6am

1/2 cup of food in the afternoon around 4 or 5pm

Bear is his usual ravenous self, but Goldy has decided that she isn't interested in eating in the mornings.

I put her food down and she lays next to it, licks it, knocks a few pieces of kibble out of the bowl - then just lays next to it.  So I pick it up, wait a bit, then put it back down - she repeats her stubborn behavior.

In the afternoon, when I give Bear his afternoon food, I put her bowl down again and she'll eat it.

Here's what concerns me, she's only eating 1/2 cup of food per day.  If I put her whole ration for the day in the bowl, she won't eat it all.  Her energy level is fine and she seems to feel fine, but I'm worried that she's basically eating half of what she used to.  

I am a teacher and am home for the summer, which I know throws their schedule off a bit, but she didn't do this last summer.  We are experiencing a REALLY heavy heat wave here in Kentucky, so I was wondering if maybe the heat could cause this?  She's an indoor dog, but she is usually the one that likes to sit outside in the yard and survey her kingdom, which she hasn't been doing because of the heat.

Any ideas/suggestions/comfort - would be appreciated.

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I am in a very similar situation.  I am also a teacher, home for the summer, having an exceptionally hot summer here in TX, also have a 2 year old Pembroke, and she is only eating half of what she used to. 

How old is Bear and how long have you had him?  I just got a new Cardi puppy over memorial day weekend - Luke is 4 1/2 months now.  Another change in our lives has been the addition of an 8 month old Shih tsu dog, Portland, that I am watching M - F during the day for a friend.  Leia has quite a sensitive personality.  By sensitive, I mean she is very sensitive to change and is a typical, bossy-controlling-loud-but-loving Pembroke.  She gets along great with Luke and everyone seems very well adjusted.  She tolerates Portland and is usually polite and patient toward her, but I can tell that she often prefers that Portland not be around.

I said all of that above because I think that Leia's food habits are directly related to these new changes.  Yes, Portland and the puppy have been in our house for over a month now, but I still think Leia is adjusting and coping.  I feed all three dogs breakfast in the morning and we have developed a good routine that works for everyone.  Except Leia walks from dog to dog and makes sure that they are all eating their food.  When Luke is finished he will always try to eat everyone else's food (something we are working on).  It is only then that Leia will eat hers.  Portland is very respectful and keeps her distance from both dogs during this time. 

Dinner time is a little easier.  Leia will wait for Luke to eat about half of his food before she starts to eat hers.  Then she only eats half.  I try to be absolutely sure that Leia is hungry at meal time.  I also try to minimize chaos and ensure a safe, quiet, out of the way place for each dog to eat.  In between meals - but never close to feeding time - I feed her quality, healthy treats.  I am trying not to worry about it.  I keep telling myself that she won't starve and I'm doing everything I can for her to encourage without being pushy. 

If Goldy is not losing weight, then I would not be concerned.  Leia seems just as healthy and active as ever, though she is eating about half of what she used to eat.  I know that it's not the hot summer that is responsible for Leia's recent eating habit changes - its the routine change for her.  New puppy, new daytime dog, I'm home all the time now.

I guess I don't have any really useful stuff for you, but hopefully sharing my situation with you will help.  Good luck!


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