I need a vacuum!!!! My budget is 200 dollars.... Recommendations?????

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HAHA! I feel I-rumba is your third pet and liked to pick on your furries! that was cool!!!!!
I had a Kirby for 20 years and was thrilled with it. After it finally needed repair, I decided to try the Kenmore cannister ...not even close. I kept watching Craig's List and SCORED - a brand new, in the box w/all attachments Kirby GenX for $250. I'm good for the next 20 years. =)
BTW, everyone! I bought the Bissell Powergroom Pet Cyclonic! I paid 120 dollars and its a monster!!!!!!!!!!!love it!
Does this one have the lift off feature by any chance?
Awesome, dont you just love the lift off, I love mine, although I dont have the pet version, I feel its capabilities are AMAZING!!!! I see up above you love yours as much as I love mine. It really comes in handy for those stairs or the car!!!
I know the author of the thread already bought a vacuum, but I wanted to update to say we got a Hoover WindTunnel Rewind Plus for around $150. It has some features of more expensive vacuums at a great price. It has a retractable cord and fold-down handle, which makes it easy to store in a hall coat closet.

It has excellent suction on both carpet and bare floors, and you can turn the rotating brush off to do bare floors.

The hose attachments also have great suction, and it has one hose attachment with a power brush; excellent for furniture! (I must admit, though, that my Shark handheld rechargeable is much better for furniture and stairs, since it's light weight and portable).

It's bagless, and the filter is washable and the manual states it should never need replacing, as long as you care for it properly.

My only complaint is that the dirt cup opens with a trap door on the bottom for emptying. Sounds great in theory, but huge Corgi dust bunnies don't fall out so easily, so sometimes you need to stick your hand in there to loosen up a huge wad of fluff, even if vacuuming every few days.

This thing sucks up a tremendous amount of dirt. It got good reviews from Consumer Reports. It doesn't have that blow-back that some vacuums have, which makes it excellent on bare floors. I've never had a vacuum that was any good on bare floors before, and vacuuming our entry hall a couple times a week should cut down on how often we have to clean that floor more thoroughly, which is a plus.

I really love this machine, and the price was very reasonable. It gets better reviews than the Dyson at a fraction of the cost.

I have this vacuum as well, and after 3 years the clip that closes and secures the trap door broke. (cheap plastic part) The replacement is the entire canister at $50.00. :\ 

I agree it is a great vacuum, but I don't think I want to spend $50.00 to continue fishing the corgi flurries out of the canister. Put the attachments never really worked for me, and the suction on the hose was just ok. 

I'm thinking of a dyson. But I hear they don't do too well on plushie carpet. 50% of my condo is carpet and 50% is hardwood...  I need to make a decision soon.. since the trap door doesnt shut tight, it blows whatever it picks up. Costco has two models at costco $350.00 & $450.00.

I think if I'm getting into those prices, wouldn't a Miele S 7210 Twist, be better?

Hmm I must of gotten a dud because we bought one last year and it didn't pick up anything at all.  I had to use my grandma's Shark to vacuum the carpet.  So we took it back and got a Shark instead :)


is the one that we use, and it works pretty good for my gerbils, they constantly shove shavings out of their cage. However, I don't have my corgi yet, so haven't had the chance to test it on doggy fur. 

If you don't mind waiting, Woot.com often has refurbished dysons for a good price.

I got a refurbished Dyson at the Dollar Store for $199.  The first time I used it I couldn't believe all the fluff it picked up.  I love it!


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