I read alot of other blogs that say their dog is eating grass  That is not good is it?  Dino will only do that and then get sick. None of mine do that. Are they missing something in their diet?

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I have never had a dog that didn't eat grass. There are some types of grass that irritate the lining of the their throat and stomach and will cause them to throw up, which is probably where the idea comes from that they seek out grass when their stomach is upset. From my own personal observation, they just like to eat grass and there's not really any medical reason to it. We joke here about them having to go out and eat their salad every day.

Both my pups eat grass CONSTANTLY. Kirby will sometimes gorge so much that he actually will vomit but I don't think his main purpose is beause he has an upset tummy. I always wonder why they do it because Franklin would graze constantly and now Kirby does it too. I don't think anything is missing in their diets, as Franklin has been on several different foods but he has always done this.

My understanding of it, and I could well be wrong, as that dogs eat grass to help them clear out their mucus linings in the respiratory and oral passages.  All three of mine eat grass once in a while...seems to go in spurts.  They seem to enjoy it and they're pretty healthy and happy.


Both my dogs eat grass and the Vet told me there is three main reasons why dogs eat grass. If there bored, if there missing a nutrient that there food doesn't contain so they eat the grass to get nutrients they need, and to sooth a upset stomach. Dot worry about it. You will notice every reply is that all dogs way grass!!!! Dogs know how to take care of themselves so just let them do there thing. 

Noodles grazes, but like Ellen said, he does it in spurts. He is currently in a spurt because I've seen him eating grass the past 2 days. He had a black lab friend, Kodi, who also grazed. We would meet at the park and all you would see were the back ends of both Noodles and Kodi. We (Kodi's parents and me) would just say "our cows are out grazing in the pasture".

If Noodles said it is ok it must be. BTW I liked my own discussion. Give Noodles a big hug from all of us

I will sure do that if you give Dino a big hug from us. It is a gorgeous day here and I'm stuck at work. I have so many yard plans to do once I finally get off work! Tomorrow is supposed to be 80. Yeah! (I enjoyed your discussion as well and it makes me feel good so many other dogs graze.)

Both my corgis eat grass.  Sometimes they look more like sheep then dogs.  Sometimes they do throw up afterwards, but not usually. 

I could never have a garden because Ace loves to munch on grass and leaves every time he goes outside. He doesn't actually ingest them, he just loves the sensation of crunching them up with his teeth. I wouldn't worry about it. :)

Field mice carcasses, deer poop, sticks, worms, dead frog, sloughed snake skin, other unidentifiables, yes, But grass?  I've seen Lucy graze from time to time, but not much. There are some nice flower gardens in the neighborhood, so I'm glad she does not go after leaves and such.

the plant guy at our farmer's Market sells potted "pet grass"  and my dogs and cats love it. Sid will also "graze" along our morning walk when he finds a batch of fresh lush green grass. I also call it his "salad" haha!

All three of my corgis adore Kentucky fescue!  Grass snobs......


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