I've been looking through the forums about food for corgis, and I have seen an alarming trend.  I'm sure most people responding are trying to be helpful, but some of it seems like "guilting."  When an owner says they feed Purina Puppy Chow, it's a little unfair to trash the food.  Not everyone has the funds to feed the really high quality $40 a bag food, and no matter how much someone loves their corgi, they can only do what they can afford to do.  Just want people to remember that.  We all love our dogs, from the Purina to the Blue Buffalo feeders.

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I had this same problem at the pet store a while back. I went in for some Pedigree Dentastiks and the cashier went on and on about how Pedigree use inferior products and how I should be using 'Bully sticks' instead. Well I have to say I was "guilted" into buying them which of course the dogs ate them and were throwing up all the next day. I also tried to "upgrade" our dogs food from Eukanuba to Wellness. While maybe Wellness is a more 'higher end' food then Eukanuba but it gave the dogs the 'runs' because there was more protein than the dogs could handle. So I've learned that the bottomline is that find the food that's best for yours dogs and that you can afford and they digest well and don't worry about it!

A similar thing happened to me at a local pet store about 2 years ago.  One of my dogs has to have a prescription diet from the vet and the other is on Eukanuba Lamb and Rice, but that pet store made it sound like I was throwing them scraps of garbage.  I escaped without buying anything, but felt like a terrible parent.  The result was I never returned to that store. 



while Dentastiks aren't the best thing in the world I feel a whole lot better about feeding them to Franklin than giving him a BULL PENIS!!! I mean really! Lol. And when he does get a bully stick he can't properly chew the last couple inches and always ends up throwing them up if I can't get to them to throw them away in time, leaving quite the mess for me later.

Bully sticks give Jack the runs, and I can't say I mind because now I have an excuse not to feed them.  :-)


He adores Dentastix and says "Arrooo-rrrr-roooo" when he sees me go for them.   They have, like, 70 calories each in them so they only get them once a week or so, but both mine adore them.  Of course, Maddie also adores bark, rubber, and grass, and they both like dead worms and cat poo.  So their taste is not exactly discriminating. 

I don't feed Gromit the best food, I feed him the best food that I can afford on my budget.  We all love our Corgis but there are practical limits whether we like it or not.
When I first got Max we tried an expensive, well thought of puppy food. He couldn't handle it. Since then we have gone to another moderately priced food that he does well on. Sometimes it's for the good of the dog.

You know, it's funny.  Growing up, before my family knew about quality food, we just used IAMs or Purina.  And that dog was very healthy.  Now my parent's border collie is VERY spoiled with only the best food, shampoos, ect.  He's also very healthy.  I think though, that the time of our previous dog, was before there were so many quality issues and recalls on the cheaper foods.  Lately things seem to have been fine though.  I'll be sticking with Blue Buffalo since they haven't had any recalls that I know of, and the Whole Dog Journal highly recommends it.


I'm kind of rambling now.  I guess what I'm saying is, cheaper foods weren't always "bad."  Or at least, not that we knew of at the time.

Hi Erin, yes, Blue Buffalo had several recalls in the past, including here. Other old discussions can be found here. Bottom line is: keep your eyes open, don't be brand loyal.
Good to know.  Thanks for the info.  I'm new to the forum, and don't have a dog yet [hopefully this weekend!].  I'll definitely be following this forum closely, since you guys are so on top of things!

I also love the Whole Dog Journal:)


Me too!  It's really helpful in staying up to date on everything!  :D
So true about all the recalls nowadays...whether people food or dog food...I used to feed my dogs the purina years ago and they also did fine...I do think that everything has changed some as to what they now put in dog food...including chemicals:(  Amy had such a great point I wish I could remember the name of the movie that showed this so well!


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