Sorry that this isn't about corgis but does anyone know anything about hawks?  There is a young hawk that has taken a shine to my parents patio and pool.  He sits on the deck railing about 2 feet away from the back door.  He stand on their stone patio while they are out there, and yesterday he went swimming in the pool.  The parent hawks have the whole nest out and they are teaching them how to hunt, but "Henry", as my mom calls him, seems to want to come into the house more than anything.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


I've attched a photo.  He;s pretty cool...



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He's probably a Cooper's or Sharp Shinned hawk. Both primarily hunt birds by perching and so they frequent back yards, where the small birds they hunt are prevalent. They are beautiful. We get Cooper's Hawks to our feeders sometimes, which is both sad and exciting.

My understanding is lots of young raptors are not successful in the fledging process, because they don't learn to hunt fast enough or become victims to other raptors. But I'm not sure of these types of hawks specifically.

So he's unlikely to be a threat to a dog, but will be to the birds. I would just enjoy the show, try to minimize disturbing him so his parents keep an eye, and hope that he learns what he needs to learn! :-)

My mom thought he might be a cooper's too.  For the past few days now, the parents have had the kids further from the house and into the far back yard.  So, of course Henry just had to perch on the clothes line, as close to the house as they would let him get.  The parents still call all the kids back when it is time to go and get fed, and they all come running.  We all just hope that Henry and the others make a success out of it!  Thanks for the info!

Oh my!  Wonderful to see such a close up of a beautiful bird!  Have they seen him fly at all?   I would follow Beth's advice.

For the past 2 summers we've had a red tailed hawk that hangs around the neighborhood.  I tend to keep my eye on him when I am out in the yard with the dogs.  I know they are too big for him but I would prefer he didn't make an attempt.  The thing that really bothers me is finding his kills or what's left of them all over the yard.

We have a lot of Red Tails here too at my house.  We ;ive right on the Niagara Escarpment and next to the proyected wet land/sanctary, so there's always good hunting.  But it;s also the reason why I don't have bird feeders.  Henry does fact, he is bigger than the rest of the kids.  We joke that maybe he is big and slower than the others, like Lenny in 'Of Mice and Men'.  We've been keeping our distance, but we've had to make sure he isn't out there using the pool when we want to swim.  So far, so good!

He just heard that he might get to go out for doughnuts with your dad and Rainy:) Sorry, I just had to say that. We have lots of hawks around but none that have come close enough to want to come in. Is there some bird group that you could contact if you don't find out more?


Henry is COOL!

Hahahaha!  Word does get around about my dad and his love for donuts and ice cream.  I guess my mom talked to my one cousin who they found out has a friend who works rehabilitating hawks and owls and other wildlife who either are displaced or show up injured.  So if something bad does happen, we do have someone to contact.  Butthings have been ok for now.  I hope he learns what he needs to and lives a nice, long life!

10 to 1 it's a Sharpie, one of the terrors of small bird life.  Cooper's are a bit larger, but you ahve to be good to tell them apart.

Generally, it's best not to encourage wildlife to get comfortable around people.  Bad company, dangerous (to the wildlife).

Yeah, it's best not to get them too used to us.  He really likes the pool though.  He will sit on the ladder and hop up and down on the first two steps.  The ladder is larger and wider, like a set of stairs, so he gets to splash around.  My parents were really concerned when the saw him swim across the pool though.  My dad didn't know if he would have to fish him out!  He did get out by himself and didn't tear the liner apart, which was lucky.  It's just weird having him as a visitor.  And, of course, kind of cool.

BIG bird bath for such a tiny bird:)

Joanna...I live in the foothills of the Catskills so wildlife is all around.  I do live right in the city of Kingston but see hawks, deer, even bears at times within the city limits.  My husband works for a quarry down in Poughkeepsie, the quarry has been there for over 100 years but the land around it has been designated as a protected wetlands and the quarry is very careful to administer it carefully.  Mark is always taking pics of hawks, peregrine falcons..they have a nest on top of one of the buildings but DEC said they are still too immature to mate yet..  Coyotes and foxes are all over.  Within the last month they have seen a young fox..gray with the longest legs I've ever seen, they thought it was a young coyote at first.  Don't know what happened to the mother but the kit was starving and has a bad case of mange.  They don't want to call DEC...they will trap it and put it down and they don't want to watch it die a slow death.

One of the guys has a friend who is a vet.  He has given the guy some meds to help the kit and they are feeding it dog food laced with the meds.  He is no longer starving and is beginning to look better.  They don't feed it every day so it can begin to learn to hunt....plenty for it fed on, just needs to figure it out and will as he gets older.  It's no longer gulping the food so it's not starving any more.  They believe he is beginning to hunt. so that's a good thing.  He can get better at it before winter rolls in.


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