When ever our two Corgi's are on the couch they lay with their heads hanging off.  This also happens when they are on the bed.  Sometimes they will lay in the middle of the bed, but most of the time it is on the side with their head hanging off.

Is this a corgi thing or are our guys just goofy!

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Yes  Where is the picture???? You need to join the "Awkward Sleeping Corgis" Sorry I meant Awkward Sleeping Corgis

Avery does that, too. He'll even do it in the car when we're driving (makes me think of a carsick kid, but he is never carsick!). So yes, I think they're all goofy!

Yes, we are very familiar with the "vulture" look at our house!

I think they're all goofy :)


That is the perfect head hanging picture.  Looks just like my boys.

It is something new everyday with my two. These corgi's are themost fun. Mine lay on my leg and lay on their back with head hanging off. Waittill you get a Corgi neck warmer!!! My Winnie get scared when it storms. She get up in our lap and climbs up on the back oftthe chair and roots between your neck and the chair.

Mine do it, too.  It looks decidedly uncomfortable, but I guess it's no worse than some of the other odd sleeping positions our lowriders seem to like.


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