Need some advice please. My 3 1/2 year old Corgi Kallee has all of a sudden over the past month or so pretty much ignoring her food. This is from a Corgi who when let out of her pen in the morning ran over her brother Wallee and all humans to get to her food dish. Now, she was eat a little bit and simply wal away. The vet says she checks out fine and will eat when she wants to. However, it seems like too much of a radical change to me. Anyone have any suggestions? Weather? Bad experience for her with her food?

All help and suggestions appreciated.



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How much are you feeding her and have you tried cutting back 25% for a few days?

Thanks for the reply Anna. I have cut back some. It's just puzzling since she used to just run to her food dish. I'm even thinking about trying a different food. My other Corgi Wallee has never had the problem. He eats anything at any time. Maybe it could be a female thing with Kallee maybe?

No, it's not a female thing (wish it was :-D) .  Studies have shown female dogs tend to overeat more than males so free-feeding tends to work better with male dogs than with bitches. 

The Vet check eliminated the obvious.  Did it include blood-work?  If not, that would be my next step as far as the Vet goes.  A month or so is a fairly long time, which makes me think it's not anything she could have gotten into on a one time basis. I would not change food or entice her with goodies, that will confuse the issue, I agree with the Vet there.  I also would not give any treats, so all she gets is in the food bowl. 

Some of the things I would ask myself are:  how is her activity level otherwise?  Is she the same behaviorally? Can she be getting into anything outside? Has the yard been sprayed with chemicals recently?  Do you have a cat where she could get into cat food or the litterbox? Some detective work may yield a clue. If it's been real hot where you are, that may contribute too. 

Diet-wise, you could try a soft diet for a couple days, 2/3 Cup cooked brown rice and 1/3 Cup small curd cottage cheese ( regular 4% fat, not low fat), you can offer it 3 x a day, if she is taking it.   If  that goes well, start mixing in 1/3 of her kibble for a day or two, then 1/2 kibble same way, then all kibble.  That will soothe her stomach if it's gotten somehow out of wack. ( if you cook up a small pot of rice, it will keep for the few days you need it in the fridge, but warm it a bit before you offer it.  Rice for dogs should be overcooked.).

Did the vet check for a possible broken tooth that could be hurting?

He gave her a clean bill of health just two weeks ago and he advised that 'she will eat when she gets hungry'. If this persists, I will take her back again just to make sure. Thanks for your reply!

Did he do a stool check? Some parasites can cause loss of appetite.

This is gross, but could it be that she found another source of food? As in ... poop? Or some other sort of food item that she might be eating other than her food that is filling her up? Does she like to chew/eat things other than food?

Since it's such a radical change, I'd probably take her in again or go to a different vet.

I had this problem with Frosty once.  He just stopped liking his food.  After 6 months of nose snubbing, I switched to a different food, and he has been eating fine ever since then.

My heartfelt thanks to all my fellow Corgi lovers who responded to Kallee's issue. I will try the suggestions you all have offered. It is so great to have folks like yourselves who have experienced like issues. Hail to the Corgi...greatest dog of all!!



Let us know what worked. Looking forward to a good update.

I got to thinking about it, and was pretty sure I started a discussion when Frosty was not eating well.  I went and looked and here it is!

Chris, at the time Frosty was eating 1 Cup food twice a day, how much is he eating now?  Also curious about his weight, then and now, if you remember.


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