We have finally met our new puppy. He is a gorgeous tri colored pembroke. We have all the toys for him, we have read all of the training books. The only thing we don't have is a name! I've thought about naming him Herky, after my university's mascot. But since we are moving to Spain, my fiance wants a name that his friends and family there can pronounce. His choice is Dexter. Which doesn't seem right to me.
I'm looking for a sort name. My cats are Mika and Maki, so I'd like something sort of like that.
I have a month before I can take him home.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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Totally looks like a Gizmo to me :)
i definitely feel that he should be named Lawanna. I don't know bout you, but that's how I feel.
You like it?
Yah U of I Herky. I live in iowa city :D!
ooo, I like Marco - very spanish
My husband and I take turns picking names. I think looking at them makes me think of a name but he is a huge MSU (Michigan State) fan so we have a Sparty (MSU mascot) and Izzy (basketball coach is Izzo). The one I named was Buffy. Good luck with the names! I have always thought Dennis the Menace fit Sparty better.
He's so cute! I really like Dexter! I also like the idea of giving him a Spanish name, as someone mentioned earlier.
What about Pan (from the Greek word meaning shepherd;also a Greek God associated with shepherds, flocks etc.) or Loki (Norse trickster god) or Desi (Spanish/Italian name and the name of the actor who played Ricky on I Love Lucy)?
So how did you name your pup after all?
Milo is a lovely strong name for a lovely strong puppy
Sanco as in "Don Kihot i Sanco Pansa"


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