Help our baby girl is lost in Las Vegas :( {posted in fabulous las vegas corgis also}

I don't know what to do. Our new corgi arrived today from AR. She was very shy but her previous owners warned us she would be like that. After getting her home my boyfriend took her out to potty and she got spooked, slipped out of her collar and just didn't look back! :( We are distraught, and I didn't know what else to do. We live near mountains edge and she took off running west (directly into mountains edge)

If any of you have any ideas of how to look for her (besides driving around, which he is doing currently, and posting on craigslist, which I have just finished doing) I would really appreciate some help with this one :( 

We just want her back. Here's a link to our craigslist add if any of you have seen her or have picked her up:


Thank you so much for reading!

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I am so sorry to hear that. Hope this helps.

I am so sorry - this is every dog owner's nightmare, I think. I will be hoping and praying that you get your girl back quickly.


Call all the local vets in the morning and let them know she's missing. Make flyers, post them around your neighborhood and take those to the vets offices too. Check the humane society often. Please let us know when you find her!

when our foster dog got off his leash (the least broke in half)we checked all shelters with in 5-10miles. we put up flyers with in 10miles in almost every store. we also called every vet with in 15miles. some how he had gotten with in that 15miles range and was picked up and brought to the last vet we called on the list. we got him back with in 2days. its an everyday process to do this but i am sure u will get her back:) 


needless to say, no harm done and is already in his new home. he came with a kinda cheap leash and he pulled and it snapped in half

There is a website/company called  They do robo-calls to home phones in the area that one's dog was lost.  I just looked at the site and the cheapest package is $85 but for that they call 250 households!  I heard about this on some newscast and it has been stuck in my head.  I so hope you get your baby back!!
Has there been any word.  I am sick for you!  I was terrified of Twinkie slipping her collar when she was a puppy.  I snugged it up quite a bit and we never had an issue.  Please keep us posted!
Any news?  We are also just sick for you.  We are hoping for the best and wish we could help out.

oh my goodness!, makes me sick thinking about it.. my carly got loose , slipped out of her collar a couple of months back and ran off... i thought she would get hit by a car...

please let us know if you hear anything..

thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes. We feel so awful :( The only update I have is that one of the maintenance men at our apts has a corgi as well and has offered to help us look for her! isn't that just the nicest thing? :) And on top of that the people in the office are helping us print up our posters and distribute them around the complex and community... I am so thankful for people like this.

Oh and Good news, a man saw my boyfriend printing up the pictures of her and said that he saw her running around the other side of the complex just yesterday morning... so she hasn't gone far! We hope she will turn up soon!

Great news, you are in our thoughts :)
Hey one thing to add ,my daughter's corgi vanished into the woods after a car accident , we finally found her by putting a piece of her worn clothing or something with a familiar scent where she was last sighted with a towel and a bowl of food. We saw her pawprints on the towel the next day and she came out of the woods after almost three days! 
That's a good sign...hope you get her back soon:)
oh, a glimmer of hope.  I hope she is nearby.


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