Hi Guys. Has anyone dealt with a male puppy who marks? Peanut is 17 weeks now and last week, he marked in three places. Twice in the home office, once in the formal living room and once in the dining room. He's back to living in the kitchen. Any advice?

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Hi Laura, yes, read the FAQ on potty training.

He is too young to mark, I think. At 17 weeks he is not able to be reliably potty trained. If you can not watch him make sure he is in an area that is easy to clean  up. Be sure to take him outside frequently (at least every 2 hours) and make sure to praise him if he potties and then play for a few minutes . If he doesn't go take him back inside. This is a time when I like to teach a potty command- Say "go Potty" the second he starts to go every time. Eventually he will associate that command with doing his business. It is great for later when the weather is bad! It takes at least the first year for a puppy to become reasonably reliable.

This is not marking, but your pup is not housebroken and, by the age of 17 weeks he should be.  That  means you need to revisit your housebreaking strategy, because something you've done is not working.  A bit of detective work on your part is needed to sort things out.

Hopefully  the FAQs and Bev's suggestions  will help.

I agree, he's too young to be marking. Go back to the basics with housetraining.


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