lol ok.. Seriously.. We are ever so grateful for our puppy Cricket. She's acing her puppy classes and the teachers are ever so glad we're putting her in agility when she is older. She's smart as a whip!

Our major issue is potty training. We have Cesar's books. Puppy Training for dummies. Puppy Training magazines. Internet sites.. and we just CANNOT get it! :(

We've had her for a little over a month and it just seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. We take her out right away when we take her out of her crate in the morning. Then we feed her.. Wait, and take her out again. The morning is usually an OK deal. Most of the time. But otherwise we'll take her out once and hour.. Or once every 30 minutes. She'll play outside. With leaves.. Sticks.. Whatever.. And not go potty. She may pee, at most. We reward her greatly and head in the house. We wont be in the house for 5 minutes and she'll pee, and poop IN the house! Ugh! We're so frustrated.. She's even pooped in the car the other day! Right after the hubby took her to a patch of grass and she peed! :( :( 

She can go 4-5 hours in her kennel while we are at work. But when we let her out to play in the livingroom (shes restricted to the apartment livingroom) she seems she can't hold it for more than 20 minutes. We KNOW she can. It's that she doesn't want to. If we take her out and she doesn't poop. We have been trying to put her in her kennel for 15 minutes.. And trying again. To NO avail! She just waits it out. plays when we go out and when we give up and let her play. As soon as we go to get a soda or turn our backs she potties on the floor. It never fails.. We've even tried training her to jingle bells every time we go outside. You think she'd get it. She's not dumb.. She gets treats for potty outside and nothing but frustrated parents inside. :(

We don't yell at her when she does potty on the floor. We get frustrated and grumble while we have to clean it.

I can't express how stressed this is making us. We feel like she'll never be trained. We don't want to have a full grown dog who cannot let us know when she has to go outside. :(

Please, if anyone can help us.. I will give you huge internet hugs and candy and cookies. 

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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My first trained so easily, but my second still makes "sneaky poops" in the house. Here's some recommendations - when you take her out, is she on the leash? I would keep her leashed so you can pull her away from "distractions" until she does her business. She needs to learn that she is out there to do a job first, then she can play with the leaves. In the house, keep her leashed to you. Put the leash around your belt buckle when your home with her so she can't sneak off to potty in the house. Big rewards when she does go potty outside - happy little congratulations and a treat. And if she goes in the house and you watch her - a firm no! try to catch her in the act and move her promptly outside. If you are busy doing stuff in the house, keep in the crate. Maybe make the crate in the family room or a busy part of the house, but that way you're not constantly worrying about her messing up.
I agree with what was said above: she should be on-leash when outside to do her business. She shouldn't be allowed to do whatever she pleases - playing should be a reward for going to the bathroom, not a substitute for it.

She's a puppy - playing is much more fun than going to the bathroom. You've got to tell her when is time to play, and when is time to do her business. If she doesn't go, just pick her up, take her inside and plop her in her crate. Then, 30 minutes later, directly back outside (no playing, on-leash and simply stand in the same spot with her). She cannot wait you out forever. Trust me, mine tried and discovered that, eventually, she simply needed to go to the bathroom.

It is also helpful to take her for walks. Walking will loosen up her stools and make her go quicker.
Living in an apartment means she gets no off-leash time what so ever. Being so young, too. There's too many cars and distractions. :)
I agree with Carla.
If you get her in a routine that if she doesn't go then she can't play, then eventually she will get it.
It takes a heck of a lot of patience, but it does work.
When she does go though you need to praise her like crazy!
I thought my Romeo would never ever get the hang of it, but he now lets me know when he wants to go outside.
Stick to the same routine and I am sure you both will get through this stage!
Thank you guys. I wish I could hug you! So far no more potties in the house with her to our hip. Lets hope this works!

When are you sure you can trust her to have roam of the livingroom again?
She should be for the most part potty trained by January or February but you will still have to keep an eye on her, until they are about 6 months it is you that is potty trained I don't even think they have full bladder control until then.
My theory is that when you are ready to give up, that is when they finally get it. My experience is that females take longer than males. I found that walks and saying "go potty" everytime the pup starts to go really helped. Training to go on command really works especially when the weather is bad! It takes time and patience at first but pays off in the long run. I agree that you have to keep her with you or confined until she becomes more reliable. Remember, human babies takes years to get this!!
Thank you so much. We are trying her attached to our hip now. Or while eating she's attached to the kitchen table. :)
Hang in there! I agree with all the others, (especially the leashing, and the reinforcing a "go potty" type command when she goes)
and would also add that someone else here on this site noted (for me when we were struggling), that puppies are very texture sensitive and generally prefer one texture for their "business" area. It's often wherever their breeder had them able to go.
We advanced much more quickly when we realized that since the breeder had them going on cedar shavings, they preferred the area of our yard with woodchips. Then if we took them directly to that area and did the "go potty" command, we got results.
Having completely potty trained each of my corgi's in two weeks, I have found that excitement and bribery with treats works the best. I did not leash either of them for the most part as I wanted them to learn to stay with me and it is easier when they are pups to teach them this. I would give the go potty command and also get them from distractions. When they would go potty, wait until they are almost done so they don't cut it off halfway through which results in accidents in the house, and jump for joy with excitement and treat them. They respond to excitement and food the best as I am sure you know. Giving them a treat when they come in reinforces it as well. Copper would go outside, go potty really fast, and come in for his treat; however, sometimes you will get faked out. Copper caught on and would NEED to go out RIGHT THIS SECOND and he would go out, do a tiny little tinkle, and then want his treat. He a good con artist. lol Good luck!
My corgi was pretty easy to potty train (we also have a daschund) once he had better bladder control, but my cousin has a corgi that just couldn't get it either until she went on a trip and I had him for a week. When he saw that the other dogs didn't potty in the house he figured it out. Dogs learn by watching others.

A couple of tricks I learned was:
#1 Be patient - Your corgi is learning and wants to please you.
#2 Don't let your dog watch you clean up the mess and unless you catch him in the act, no yelling - he won't understand what you are upset about.
#3 Pick a specific potty area, a certain tree or something. He is not allowed to play there, business only.
#4 When an accident happens, take the towel you used to clean up with or a piece of poo he left to this potty spot. When he sniffs it on the potty spot, give him a super yummy treat - like cheese. He will eventually realize potty on this tree = treats, maybe I should make my own...

Do you have to walk him in an area where a lot of dogs frequent?  It's okay to take him outside when he's not fully vaccinated.  You just want to avoid areas where lots of dogs gather or do their business, like dog parks or popular dog walking areas.  If you're just taking him out into the yard then he should be just fine as long as you stay with him to keep him out of trouble.


I took Yuki out when he was a pup (I got him at 4 months) and he was fine.  My new pup is 12 weeks and she's out every hour or so to go potty and she's fine, too.  I do make sure to keep her in my yard, though, and I do not let her drink out of puddles or eat anything that's on the ground.


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