Chase and I need some help!
We just went on a walk and Chase stopped to poo, no problem. I noticed that his stool was not solid at all. It was a clear/yellow, jelly like stool, no blood.
I am now looking online to see what kind of info I can find about it, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this with their Corgi and what it happened to be.
I am also not sure if I should make him an appointment immediately or if I should give it a day or so to see if he just got into something on the farm that upset his stomach.
Help me, my baby is sick :(

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Has he been around and babies? Or diapers?
Lemmy pooped out yellow jell, it was really chunky and I freaked out until I remembered the other day he had stolen one of the dirty diapers out of the bathroom and chewed it up.
By the end of the day it was out of his system.
The jell was the absorbing part of the diaper.

I don't know why diapers is linked to ebay.... sorry for that.

No he hasn't been around babies or diapers. We don't have any around unfortunately, because I love babies.
We are currently staying on my grandfather's old farm, there aren't any other animals for him to be around either except for our other dogs. I watch him like a hawk all the time because I don't want him to get into anything or find an new critter (aka snakes) but I have to admit that others in the household don't watch him as well as I do so I am worried that he either got into something or has somehow obtained a parasite.
That's why I am not sure if I should wait and see if it continues or make him an appointment with the vet. :(

I always give things 24hours unless there's blood or serious signs. Maybe call, set up an appointment for tomorrow, and if in it clears up you can just cancel the appointment?

Tomahawk tends to get this type of stool every once in a while. Why? No idea, but it seems to pass within a day or two. If he is eating, drinking, and acting normally, I wouldn't worry too too much right now. I would say to feed him something bland like rice and boiled chicken breast and see if that helps to ease his tummy upsets.

If at any point, you notice that it's getting worse ( bloody stool, lethargy, depression, not wanting to eat or drink, pain, or even the need to potty every couple of hours) I would go get him checked out.

Hopefully he feels better. I have been going through nasty diarrhea for the past couple of days with Tomahawk and it now seems to have cleared up today. Good luck!

Hi Kaitlyn & Chase, it is a sign of irritation, you can let his stomach rest for 24 hrs, keep his water level up and see if it returns afterwards, if doesn't go away, time for a vet appointment.

thank you all for the advice. I will make sure to keep an extra eye on him. He is acting completely normal, still happy and hyperactive so that's a good sign. I will be walking with him during potty time to make sure that he is improving and not worsening.
I will let you know what happens :)
and Thanks, again!! :)

Keep in mind that most vets will do a stool check without doing a physical exam, so you can always have him checked for parasites without stressing him out. Likelihood is that it is just an upset stomach. Sam is right, keep him hydrated but give his stomach a chance to settle. As long as there isn't blood, and he isn't acting out of sorts, no need to panic.

I`ve only seen that once. My German Shepherd mix puppy had terrible hook worms when we got her, and that`s how her poops were. 

My first thought on reading this is worms.  Here are some things to consider when trying to rule this out:

- your dog's age (puppies are likely to have or get worms)

- belly - a large round belly (like abnormally large) could mean hookworms

- you're likely to see roundworms or tapeworm evidence in the poo


Hope he is feeling better!


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