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I got this message at work today:


For two days this amazing dog was seen along side the road last week with another dog buddy who was too traumatized to be come close.  A kind man finally stopped.  This dog belly-crawled to him and as soon as the man showed compassion the dog ran and jumped in the open door of his truck.  The dog has been stuck to him since.  The dog will not leave his sight or his side.  All attempts have been made to find an owner.  The dog had no collar or ID.  The dog's rescuer says he is extremely smart, very obedient, great with kids and other dogs.  He cannot keep the dog and is desperately trying to find a foster or forever home for him.  The dog is strikingly beautiful, young, neutered and seems to be in good health but for some wounds on his nose and undernourished.   PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC DOG!  Thanks! Anyone interested can call 417-592-2512 or 417-592-8211.


we're in Springfield, MO (southwest MO)- please let them know if you are interested. We're at maximum animal capacity at my house. 

I'll try to get the photo they sent on here too- sure looks like a cargi!



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Oh...I hope he finds a great furever home!!!!!!!
this is the best I can do for a photo. The email had two photos, but they don't want to convert/save.  If you email me at: enichols@drury.edu with your email, I will forward that original email with the photos.
My computer does not recognize the .shs suffix and says it's an application.   Any way to resave the image as a jpg or gif, or other photo file?
If my health was better, I would make my husband go and get him so Calvin could have a brother.  He sure is a cutie.  I hope he can find a great home!!

Hi Elizabeth, contact:


Faery Tails Corgi Rescue
P. O. Box 190816
St. Louis, MO 63119




thank you Sam. I will pass the information along.  I'm afraid that I only have the information from the email....(though husband just said...."where is this dog?"  so maybe?)  I think we would have to call the number, which I will do tomorrow, to give Sam's info and look for a home!
thanks Sam, I have passed it along. We're working hard to find this corgi a home! (we're right? it looks like a cardi?)
This maybe a stupid question but... He had no collar or tags but did they check to see if he was chipped? This scares me because I don't keep a collar on my girl and if something happened even though she is chipped someone may not think to have her scanned :( I think this is something we need to start to think about when we find a dog especially a dog that looks purebred cause I think it is unlikely that they would dump him:(

Good point.  Mine never wear tags or collars except on walks.


Based on the dog's behavior, it sounds like he was devoted to his person before he was found.  One would not expect a neglected dog to bond so quickly with someone else.

Argh, I was able to open the pic at work but can't seem to do it at home for some reason. If I recall it was a brindle colored dog with blue eyes right? If so I think it might be unlikely to be a pure cardi as two blue eyes are pretty rare for a non-merle, although not impossible. I would definitely have the dog checked for a chip though!
Two dogs buddied up and acting fearful sounds to me like they might have escaped from a car accident or gotten away from someone who fell down or something.  I'd check for a chip too, if that has not already been done, and call shelters some miles away in case they'd traveled.   The dogs behavior (good with kids and other dogs, quick to bond with a new person) still make me think he was well-loved and well-cared for.
Got it open finally


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