So, after Ein got sick a few months back from her food she's been off the raw diet. We've been trying to find a good combo of kibble and wet food. Nothing we've tried seems to be working. She'll eat kibble for a bit and then just stop after a few weeks on it. So, I've been looking into making her dog food. I know many people do this and I've done it a bit before. We just think she'll prefer it and in all I can have a better control over her intake. I'm still pretty firm in the grain free camp, but am willing to bend the rules for certain grains. Anybody have any good recipes for me to add? Thanks!

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Have you tried dehydrated yet, like Honest Kitchen or Stella and Chewies? Honest Kitchen has grain free varieties. I use Force. They also have have a base (Preference?) to mix with your own meat. Becca has a great coat and overall good health. I don't have the storage space for raw and this was my next option.

Yeah, Honest Kitchen doesn't agree with her. I've tried a couple brands of dehydrated. She dpesn't mind them, she just gets tired of them. I think she just likes feeling like she's eating human food.

Stella is great! And you can switch up the meat sources!

I have NO idea what a vet would recommend, but I have has some luck with a mixture of brown rice, oat meal, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, olive oil, peas and carrots and peanut butter, eggs optional. That mixture seems to help with her constipation issues, but it doesn't have any real proteins so I use canned wet food most of the time. My main concern is her itching and constipation. Otherwise, I mainly hope to find the food that causes the least difficulty for her. 

If you are doing home-cooked, you will want to consult with a nutritionist. I read this scary report when I had my dogs on a short-term bland diet for an intestinal bug:


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