Hello everyone!!

Maromi has just recently developed a hot spot on one of his hind legs. I've been reading up on treatments, causes, and how to prevent them in the future. I have never had this happen to any of my dogs in the past and was looking for some sound advice on the products you guys have used before I run out and purchase the wrong stuff.

Greatly appreciate any feedback! And I hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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Felicia, you have my sympathy since hot spots can go from minor to severe in a matter of hours. They also have a fairly wide variety of causes which can be medical, behavioral, or BOTH! Very frustrating. Every dog is different of course, but I have discovered a few behavioral, and medical reasons that prompt hot spots in my dog. I think it helps to be experienced in human behavioral studies as I am able to see the "antecedents" or the precursors to the hot spots.

Some of the antecedents are behavioral, some are medical, and some are a mixture. It seems reasonable to assume most animals are susceptible to a variety of precursors. In my case, Sully seems to have allergies which prompt itching, which prompts the dreaded hot-spots. More often I think Sully's hot spots are prompted by itching and licking, which are prompted by allergies and, more often, I suspect, anxiety. Since Sully seems VERY relaxed, the vet and others have trouble seeing her anxious side, but she does get anxious  if I am away longer than usual, of if my disability issues show, and she can see the mobility issues or pain. Since she is so kind and tuned into my physical issues, she occasionally displays anxiety when I look ill, possibly vomiting from pain, which results in her anxiety related scratching. The same thing happens when she is nervous or uncomfortable due to her constipation and/or anal gland impaction. In OTHER WORDS... It is best to rule out pain and physical and/or emotional discomfort always. Whatever the cause, it is important to try to stop the itching/scratching ASAP since infection can result quickly. I use a combo of generic Benadryl, Aloe Vera and/or hydro-cortisone, extra attention and cuddling, and stool softeners which seem to work within a day or two. The vet can help determine the medications and dosages and a vet or groomer can express impacted anal glands if necessary. I do think many hot spots are boredom and/or anxiety related, but I have had good luck with really nasty smelling live stock ointment called Nu-Stock (which I think I ordered from Amazon) to use in extreme cases. Generally though, I am convinced Sully reacts with boredom and/or anxiety related licking/chewing if she is really uncomfortable from anal gland impaction, constipation, or allergy itching. In addition, she definitely reacts with anxiety if I stay out late or I am sick. I am amazed at how quickly any, or all of the above can cause hot spots. I have never had to resort to the "cone-of-shame" but the Benadryl and extra loving really helped. Good Luck!! 

Thank you for all the advice!

I'm still trying to figure out the cause but allergies seems like the front runner right now. Bought a soothing spray and that has encouraged him not to chew or lick the wound but he hates it... afraid it stings him first:[ Gonna have to call my vet about the Benedryl tomorrow and grab some raw aloe ASAP.

Thanks again!!!!

Oh... I forgot one more "miracle product." Apple Cider Vinegar" which I applied undiluted. It really seemed soothing to my pup. It was highly recommended and Sully really seemed to enjoy having it applied. BTW... I used cheap, disposable gloves to apply the various salves, ointments and vinegars. If you google "hot spots" you may find recommendations for ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Sorry I forgot about it. Sully seemed to love its soothing powers. Good Luck!

I bought a spray that has ACV and Aloe in it so hopefully he will start feeling better soon!

And you're awesome. Thank you so much for the help!

i have used apple cider vinegar diluted with water, half and half and it definately helps!! I fill a spray bottle with that solution.  Where did you find the apple cider vinegar and aloe spray?

Edit:  I haven't used the mixture of apple cider vinegar and water on actual hot spots, but when I see itching going on.  It may sting on hot spots. 

It was actually right at PetSmart. Its a Burt's Bees spray. He doesn't like it though.. I don't know if it stings him or if he just gets scared by the spray itself. Trying the hydrocortizone w/ aloe instead, no complaints from him with that!

i know our pembroke isn't crazy about the sprayer itself.  hopefully that is all it is for your guy.  But open wounds could sting, maybe retry it as a preventive once the hot spots are healed.  Glad the hydrocortizone is tolerable.  :)  no fun to see them in pain.

Good idea, I'll keep it around for when he's just itchy:]

If you suspect allergies and want to try the generic Benadryl...you use 1 capsule twice daily, I'm assuming he's a normal weight corgi.  But it has to be the same as Benadryl...absolutely nothing with a decongestant in it.  Max has bad summer allergies so he's on it from August till the first hard frost.  Dose is per our vet.

The vet recommended an easy dose per pound. One generic or regular Benadryl dose is typically 25 mg per pill and one corgi is typically 25 lbs. - the recommended dose. The pharmacist was also helpful if you have any questions. As for the AC vinegar, Sully really doesn't like the spray either. I just pour, daub it on. She smells like a salad, but she loves having it "rubbed" on. I use the ACV and such as soon as I notice her scratching so I never have to put it on any open sores but hydro-cortisone and aloe is safe on open skin of course. Hot spots are no fun for pets or owners! I hope you find a solution quickly!

Thank you!! We tried some watered down betadine to clean in up and hydrocortisone w/ aloe to help the itching and he's already doing better! Like, a thousand times better than yesterday.

He's only 9 months though.. so I'll hold off on the benadryl until I give the vet a call.

Wow, all of you are so great! Maromi is very thankful and a very happy dog for all of the advice!!!

So glad you found something to help him!  Good idea to check with the vet about the Benadryl since he is so young.

I think whatever your problem is someone here has an answer and solution.  Wonderful bunch of people here.  I've had dogs since I was 9 months old...my father got me a beagle pup...and I know a lot about dogs but I learned so much specifically about this breed that we all love and share our lives with from the people here.


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