Casey basically throws herself at anyone who comes into the house, and then circles around and around their feet while licking their feet/legs/shoes/whatever she can get. She's a shameless attention whore. I've trained her to sit in an open-top box at our front door (with 3 sides, a fourth removed so she can get in) and wait until people come into the house and actually take their shoes off/walked in before she accosts them, but with the noises she makes while "waiting" in the box, you'd think making her wait 1 minute to greet people is a death sentence. I don't think she realizes she's a tripping hazard, lol.  


Do your dogs throw themselves at people when they come to your house? Have you trained your dog to greet people when they come to your door? What did you do? How do they act/react?


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OMG! My Murphy is totally obnoxious when people come over. I have to pre-warn them about how to react to him.
He is now over 1 year old, and i was so hoping he would calm down a bit in the greeting department. We use positive and extinctive reinforcements but so far, he remains an obnoxious little individual (but sooo cute) - he is still irresistable to all newcomers! I would also welcome suggestions!
If I would let her, she would fling herself at anyone that walked in. Izi is uber friendly and loves to jump. It's a constant battle to correct the jumping. Usually though, when I know someone is coming over, I leash her and make her sit until I am ready for her greet the person. It works 99% of the time.
Left to their own devices mine would throw themselves at anyone coming in the door. And to top it off Sparty barks his greeting, it is his way of screaming "pay attention to me". This has been reinforced by well meaning family members who think it is cute! My house is a bi-level so the entry has stairs up and down. I just make everyone (3 dogs) wait at the top of the steps while people come in. It is still loud but at least no one gets tripped! They barely lift their heads when I come in...I wonder if I should be offended?
Sidney is like Sparty, barking like mad at our visitor. We're working on putting him in a sit-stay until the guest is inside, then releasing him from his stay. He does not tend to bark while in a stay, thankfully. Then he goes back to barking; me! me! come pet me!
Total chaos here when the door bell rings. They love company(especially when Grandma comes) Ed can't wait to get attention so he jumps up but then listens to me when i tell him to get down. Then the butt wiggling starts and he just can't control sitting at our visitors feet, LOL


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