Atlas has a very consistent routine:
After my GF lets him out of his crate, he licks my face a few times, and then lays on half on my head half on the pillow until I wake up.

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Mine will attempt to clean my ears or hops right on my stomach or bladder.
Ha! Bertie and Ethel sit on the floor by the head of the bed and just stare intently at me. It works every time -- I wake up feeling like someone's boring holes in my head!
Molly is still in her crate at night, but she will start yipping at first light to let me know it's time to get up. After her morning walk and breakfast, she will put her paws up on the side of the bed and let me know it's time for Daddy to get up and play too. After I put her up on the bed, she will run to Daddy's face and lay her belly right over his mouth. I think she may be trying to lick his ear, but he wakes up every morning to a mouthful of corgi belly fur. Poor guy, it's a wonder he sticks around :o)
WOW! How'd you train her to wake you up in the morning! If mine could do that, it would certainly cut my mom some slack!
Ha! The question is, how do I train her to sleep in?! This dog is a maniac, I sometimes think about slipping her some NyQuil just so I can sleep in for a few hours in the morning... (kidding, kidding...mostly.)
Sparty likes to sleep with me so much that if he is in bed with me he will not wake me up. If either my husband or I awaken, he will stand up and shake a couple times. It would be tough to sleep through that! Izzy is more likely to wake us up by walking on us. We are not late sleepers so it really isn't a problem. If one of us tries to sleep in, Sparty lays by the door(after breakfast of course) and will let out little woofs. He hates having us separated!
That's the herder in him! :-)
Al brings me the New York Times after he's done with it. Gwynnie keeps the Business section.
Add a latte and I am there!
poke poke...poke poke poke..poke poke

Nothing like a cold wet nose in the eye socket. But seeing those gorgeous brown eyes just makes my morning!
It depends on where Oliver is. If he is in bed with us, he lays his head on my shoulder and just stares at me. This made it especially hard for potty training when he was little, as sometimes I didn't wake up until it was too late. He didn't whine until the very last second, and we lived on a second story apartment. If he's decided to sleep in his bed, he gets up on my side of the bed, and licks a hand if he can reach it. If not, he taps his paw on the edge of the bed (he's still too little to jump up), until I come around. He never woke daddy until recently, and only when he REALLY has to go. Here recently his newest is to sit on my belly and play with baby in the morning. He will lick and poke my stomach with his nose, and baby moves around accordingly. It's really cute, but really frustrating at 5 in the morning.
HE, on the other hand, is the hardest in the world to wake up. If I try to move him off of my feet in the middle of the night, he whines, cries, throws a tantrum. It's like trying to get a crabby 5 yr old out of bed in the morning.
That's funny because if Atlas is sleeping with us (which is a rarity because he never sleeps outside his crate) he will bark and whine if we bump by accident and wake him up.


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