My little guy is 2 years old. Right now we are pretty regularly getting a 1 hour/3 mile walk daily. I can definitely tell if I miss a few days, since he starts being a brat and being super bossy to the other household dogs. :P


I am wondering if I should step up the length or frequency of our walks. I want him happy and tired, but not overtaxed! What kind of walking schedule makes your dogs the happiest?


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Gwynn is 10yo now.  Al is 6.5yo.  Al is taking it easy on his injured knee, but we still do 1.5 mi. in the morning and that or longer in the evenings.  Gwynnie -- getting Al's turns during his convalescence -- is still climbing mountains in snowshoe tracks.  

I have a real dogwalking problem.  I've tried to stop.  I'll quit for awhile, but soon I'm back up to twice a day.  I can't help it.  I admit, I am powerless over dogwalking.  My life has become unmanageable.  There must be a 12-step program.  Nothing gets done.  I look into those eyes, and I am theirs.

Meanwhile, most people have the wit to find something better to do with their lives than take the dog on long walks.   I haven't. 

Izzy would prefer to keep her excersise to a walk into the backyard to pee and the occasional FRAP when my husband comes home from work. However, as I am retired she gets a minimum of two 30/45 min. walks a day, once in the morning and then in the afternoon. She protests this by walking behind me at the end of the leash. As the weather is finally improving she will get longer walks now. Unlike my other corgis, she is a real Princess and prefers couch warming! And yes I have had the vet check her, she is quite healthy. I know that I look pretty comical with our doberman trying to get in front of me and Izzy tagging along but I continue on :)

The problem is that it starts with twelve steps and before you know it you are doing over 20,0000. Compulsive dog walking disorder. Gives me an idea for my next book: "Dogwalking for Dummies" or "The Idiots Guide to Walking A Dog". Coming soon after I finish walking the dogs.



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