I have a 9 month old 25 lb. male corgi. He is not the best eater, in fact he is very picky. He eats about 1/2 to 1 cup of Fromm's per day. Usually mixed with yogurt or broth. He's very active and he's in perfect health according to the vet. From other corgis I've seen and one that I had previously (adopted as an adult), he looks extremely small in comparison. Although he is probably considered normal in weight for his age, he has a thin and athletic looking shape. Not thick like the signature corgi look. When do they usually fill out?

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Ragnar is the same way.  We call him Tubedog because he's so long and skinny. He's 21 months now and was just neutered  about a month ago.  He's starting to fill out a little, but he's still not a "normal" corgi shape and the filling out is muscle.  He's extremely athletic and lean and quite leggy for a corgi, although he's still stumpy.  He weighed in at the vet's at 28lbs.  His half brother Kelso is 6 months younger and is definitely classic corgi shaped.  He's also very lean, but shorter and thicker and 26lbs.
Star my older corgi is a large corgi.... She is huge to her little brother. She is much taller than him and longer. I vet told me the other day that she needed to lose like 5+ pounds and I told him that he was wrong. That if she lost that much she would look unhealthily. She is fit, healthy, and still has that waist. She only eats about 1 - 1 1/2 cups a day.
My Pem just weighed in at 10 lbs and she is 4 months old! Can't tell you how many people comment on how small she is. "Is she a miniature?" is the most annoying. She is healthy and for her skeletal structure, a good weight, although the vet did say I could feed her 3x day instead of 2. The vet suggested I may just have a small-sized Corgi, but she may also have a growth spurt later. She has assured me I shouldn't worry.  I use Blue Buffalo Puppy (small breed) and she loves it. However, Lucy eats everything--including things she shouldn't!

I have a lean corgi, compared to my angel corgi who was a bruiser. Bootsie is more corgi looking but LO is def. long legged and lean and muscular.


I agree my babies were about two when they stopped looking so scrawny.
My Hanna is just turning 2 and she is beginning to have that "Corgi shape". She is also a picky eater...and I think we are the only two Corgi owners on the planet with finicky-eating-Corgis!! LOL
I get the miniature comment all the time, "Oh look at the mini corgi!" I also get "Oh look at the puppy! How old is he? 12 weeks?" I'm glad that he is very athletic and likes to go on hikes and jog. Most people wouldn't think of a corgi as a hiking or jogging partner. We definitely get some looks on the trail in an area that is dominated by labs, springer spaniels and goldens, but not as many as the woman I see trail running with her Yorkie. I actually have to limit him or he will definitely be one to wear himself out. 

I also have encountered surprise when I say my Lucy is actually pretty agile and very, very fast. They assume because she is small, she is delicate. They should see her play fetch and frisbee with me! She may be slender and small, but she is far more of an athlete than I am!!  This makes sense to those of us who remember Corgis are indeed herding dogs which requires stamina, strength, and agility. When I finish my obedience class, I am seriously considering doing some agility training with her.

Both my pups come from the same person. My Kali is a 1 yr and 2 months old. She is small and at 18.6 pnds. She has small feet and thin.. I like it. Then Kowboy is 8 weeks and 5 days and he is right now 5 pnds, but right now I can see that he is fuller then Kali ever was as a baby.. His feet are the same size as hers right now.. So he is going to be bigger, but males are.. See Kowboy's ears are not as big as Kali's was as a baby and he is more fluffy as a baby then her. Its crazy to compare the two since they came from the same mom and dad and are a year and 6 days apart..

This is somewhat of a relief to me. Brody is about 7 months and 21.5lbs and I've had numerous comments (from non-corgi owners) that he is chunky. Usually they say something along the lines of "well he sure doesn't miss a meal"... I started to take him on long daily walks and to me, he looks like a healthy corgi, but, I've done the rib check and...well, lets just say I know they are in there! 


Ironically enough, I was at the salon getting a facial and came to found out that my esthetician has a little corgi boy too that is only two weeks younger than Brody! Of course, we made plans to go on a walk once a week for them to play together. Her corgi is about 18lbs. I was discussing his diet with her though, and he has a terrible diet compared to Brody's and he gets less exercise yet he is thinner. The only thing that I can think of is that her dog isn't neutered and Brody was neutered at 4 months. 


In short, for 9months old 25lbs seems about right to me if he has an athletic shape. 


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