I have been reading different articles and some say to feed dogs depending on their size. Small breed gets fed once a day and medium/large breed gets fed twice a day. I was wondering what size breed corgi's are. While Sadie is a puppy, I heard to feed twice and then go down to once when she is considered an adult. I have heard variation in when I should take her off of puppy food: 7 months, 9 months, a year?

How often do you feed your dogs? Once or twice a day? When can they switch to adult?


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That would be medium :) I made the transition from feeding twice a day to once a day. It works for my schedule and pooping time. If the corgi needs to lose weight, it is better to feed twice (half the portion) to stimulate metabolism. 9 months to 1 yr is fine, just make sure it is a quality food.
I fed Gibson 3 times a day until he was around 6 months old. At that age, I started making his lunchtime meal smaller until he was down to 2 meals (one first thing in the morning, one at 5:30 at night). I also transitioned him to adult food at 6 months. He is 10 months old now and this schedule is working great :)
I free feed my corgis. Because Corgis are SOOOOO active they stay pretty fit. Now, if your corgi is a little less active then I would regulate the feeding. I free feed my corgi and he doesnt over eat. He is really fit and healthy. I was reading a few articles that said that as long as your dog is extremely active (which, when does your corgi NOT play? haha) that free feeding is ok, as long as your dog is active and not over eating. I am sure that some may not agree with me, but I have had no problems.
I wish I could free feed but we have another dog in our house right now, and they don't eat the same food. So they would eat each others food which won't work because one is puppy and he other is senior weigh control, lol.
We have always carefully measured the food for our corgis and adjust it according to how they look. I had a poodle that I free fed but he was not a real big eater. I think it depends on the dog because some will get carried away with food out all the time and some won't(just like people). Since corgis are prone to being over weight and it is especially dangerous for their long dwarf type bodies it is probably a good idea to measure. We feed half cup of Innova twice a day with less at times when they look a little hefty.
Corgis are medium size. When Dax was a puppy, I fed him 3 times a day. Now I feed him twice a day, first thing in the morning and again at 5:00. I switched him to adult food when he was a year old, and he's been great. I don't believe in feeding dogs just once a day, only because I know if I only ate once in the morning, I'd be starving by the end of the day, but it's up to you. If you feel that your dogs are okay on only one meal a day, then go for it. Every dog is different. The only reason I kept Dax on puppy food for so long is because I feel like they're still really growing for the first year and they need all the nutrition they can get (he'll always be a puppy to me of course). Also, when I switched him to adult food, I cut down how much he ate. He gets 3/4 cup twice a day, which may be too much for some and not enough for others. If you notice that your dog is getting a little too heavy, just cut down on their food a little. I seem to have found a good balance for Dax, you just have to play around with feeding times and see what's right for your little one.
I feed my dogs twice a day. Skeezix, a big boy, gets about 2/3 cup twice a day of Wellness or some other high end food. Miss Daisy gets less that 1/2 cup of light kibble twice a day. Each of them gets green beans if either looks to be gaining weight w/ a reduction also in the kibble.

I stopped the puppy food at about 8 months because Skeezix didn't need the extra fat calories according to my breeder, who has many fantastic and very healthy dogs to her credit, both sand pets. I know her very well as a personal friend and have learned much from her. But your breeder etc may well recommend an entirely different way to change from puppy to adult food . . . and anything else about feeding as well.

In the a.m. each gets a very small bit of plain yogurt; in the evening each gets the "supplement of the day according to the instructions of my dog trainer; these rotate over a 3-day cycle: Missing Link, flaxseed oil, omega 3 oil (salmon).

Skeezix has a spectacular coat and other signs of being a healthy boy; Miss Daisy has only been with me about 4 weeks so it will be quite a while yet before I can assess her coat. However she's been on the good food for about 4 months and that has contributed a lot to her general good health, I think.

Regarding the once or twice a day piece, I feed twice a day, but I know that lots of folks feed once. In the wild a dog wouldn't eat even once a day if pickings were lean, so the once a day perspective has a foundation in canine habits. Also, feeding twice a day may be more a function of us thinking like a human about our dogs rather than thinking as a dog.

Corgis will act hungry even if they've eaten a 25 pound bag of food five minutes before. Both of mine could be free fed, but I want to be exact as to how much they're taking in so that I can adjust the food as well as the playtime.

But the above is just the way I manage my dogs' wellbeing, it's based on my best understanding of my dog's needs. Yet there is really no one right way to feed. Different people have different approaches and reasons for following them. If a dog is healthy and your breeder, vet, trainer and reliable books reflect the same basic philosophy of feeding etc., then if it ain't broke don't fix it! :-)
I took Winston off of puppy food at a year. Usually the bigger the breed, the longer they need puppy food because it will take them longer to become their adult size, which Winston had reached around a year old. I also went from feeding him 3x a day to 2x a day at that point as well. I did that gradually, by slowly cutting back the amount of food during the middle of the day and increasing the amount of food in the morning and evening. :)


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