If anyone has read my profile, you know that I got Haley from a breeder that was going to have her put to sleep because she was "small" and was of no use to her. She tops out at 13 lbs as of last vet check. The vet is astounded because shes like a mini corgi. Ive tried to see if there are mini's as there are in many breeds and I can't really find anything. From what Ive read most corgis are in the 25-35 lb range right?

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How old is she? My one female is small at 24 #'s. A female should normally weigh between 25-28 pounds at maturity and a male 27-30 tops but there there are some larger and smaller ones just not one that a breeder wants to use. 13#'s is very tiny for a corgi! But most people really don't care if it's going to be a family pet! She's very pretty!
thanks I love her to pieces shes spoiled rotten, the vet says shes fantastic healthy. So shes a midget, Im 5' tall myself and am vertically challenged so she fits!
There are no "mini" corgis really. However, puppy mill breeders have been breeding them down in size. (They've been doing the same thing with poms, schnauzers, maltese, yorkies, etc.) We have a "mini" corgi, Maddie, who weighs in at 16-17 lbs. tops. She's quite small. Adorable. But small. From what I understand, Pems should be in the 24-28 range and Cardis 28-35 range. (You breeders out there, correct me if I'm off.) Our other corgis all fall into those ranges. The "normal" sized ones are around 25 lbs. The cardi pup is 11 mos. and 24 lbs. Tank, the cardi x is 32 lbs.
Wow your corgi is small! Kipper was the smallest of her litter. She is currently 6 1/2 months and is 12.2 lbs. I'm guessing my pup isn't gonna grow to the 25lb range.
She will be 2 November 18th. and is short! We were with a corgi family the other day at the vets office and they were so interested in her shes like a quarter of the size those fellas were.
Vet says shes healthy, she was fixed at a VERY young age because it was the only way the breeder would allow us to have her.
pembroke: around 25 lbs female, 27 lbs male.

13 lbs is quite light even for a pem under 2 years old.
Goldy is small too. She and Bear are from the same parents and she's quite a bit smaller than he was at this age.

We saw one of her littermates at the dog park (the one I almost bought from the litter before Goldy stole my heart), and when I saw them next to each other, it was clear that Goldy was quite the shrimp. :) I like to call her petite :)

AWWW! the tiny one on the right side, how old?
She was 7 months here. She's my sweet LITTLE girl :)

in this picture Goldy still looks puppy where the other dog has adut pem characteristics.  Maybe she is a late bloomer.

my Teagen girl is a petite 19 lbs !


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