Well, after 3 months I finally found a food they will both eat!

Before I was feeding them Iams when they cam home, which they ate reluctantly then stopped when they were 2 months old.  So I switched toHalo Puppy, which they loved at first but then started to backoff of it. So now I have switched to Canyon Creek Ranch.

Before they were eating out of the same bowl, and not much.  They have refused to eat out of seperate bowls since I brought them home at 7 weeks old. In the morning I would put down 1 1/2 cups and they would maybe eat 1/2 cup if I was lucky.  Then at 5pm I would tell them dinner and add maybe another 1/2 cup.  It would be  9pm, before they would gobble down the rest.  

This was resulting in one of our pups getting having bad reflux becasue he would go all day wothout eating.

I finally decided to switch foods and now they gobble it down.  I have had to start feed them in seperate bowls as now my female will not let the male neart the food to eat, she wants it all for herself.

I have been feeding them 1 cup in the morning and  1 cup at dinner for a total of 2 cups each.

Is this too much?

My male weigs in at 19.8 lbs and the famale at 17.4lbs last time we had them weighed a few weeks ago.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

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Never worry about feeding a puppy to much.... There growing and this is the time they need the most. And you can start slimming down there food once they have hit full grown. Switching dog food that many times can cause bad problems inside leading to permanent digestion problems... Stick to the food you have for good. 1 cup I think is to little for a growing puppy. On the back of the bag it will give you feeding amounts based on weight or age. I would go by that... And then from there you can start noticing what may be to much or to little. Puppies usually need to be fed three times a day and two at the least.... Don't worry about over feeding. Worry about not feeding enough in this puppy stage. The back of the bag will tell you :) I feed Sammie 3/4 in the morning and at night and she is about 11 months. Plus treats in between.

Thanks Elizabeth. I would stick to their Halo food, but my male was throwing up daily and was a bit lethargic. After trips to the vet I was on the verge of asking for bloodwork and he suggested I try another food.  I did not want to but even with pepcid he still threw up more than once a day.  Since I have switched he has not vomited once so I am going to chalk it up to the food.  I think maybe something in it just disagreed with him.  Thank for the info though, I may bring them down to 3.4 cup in am and pm though.

I switched my dogs food a lot to when they were young in obsession of them having the best and now my one dog has tummy problems. I think 3/4 is a great amount for a corgi ;)

What did you choose in the end? Bogart was a picky eater when we brought him home but he loves his Orijen.

I got canyon Creek Ranch puppy food, Turkey and Barley and they love it!  They are now eating out of seperate bowl with no problem and are eating all of there food in the morning and night.  ANd no more throwing up.

Hi Rachel -

Just a quick trick I found through our trainer. Our little girl wasn't eating much at her meals. Our trainer suggested making the food more interesting by adding a little warm water which makes a nice broth. She has taken to eating all her kibble at morning and night now. 

Oh, I too feed HALO puppy food. My cats are on it as well and do wonderful...activate healthy and beaufitul



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