I had an interesting little experience last night with Brodie and it made me think I should start a thread where we can share these stories. Corgis are so smart and they want to talk to us that they find creative ways to communicate. I'd love to hear your stories about how your babies tell you things!

Last night, I was sitting in my recliner and Brodie jumped up in my lap, which is totally normal. What wasn't normal was that he was totally focused on the aquarium next to the recliner. He's never shown a bit of interest in it before. I started looking, thinking the fish must be swimming really close to the side and he was watching it, but there was no fish in sight. Then I started worrying he would pounce on the aquarium and break it, so I tried to distract him from it. He wouldn't have it. He kept edging toward it and whining. So me being me, I started talking to him about it, "Brodie, it's just water, leave it alone." His ears perked up and he gave me that signature head tilt when I said the word 'water', like "YES! YOU GOT IT, MOM!" So, I said, "Is that it? Are you wanting water? Is your bowl empty?" He immediately jumped down and ran to the water bowl in the kitchen. It was dry as a bone! As soon as I filled it, he had a good drink and was totally happy. I thought that was pretty sharp of him to realize there was water in the aquarium and use that to communicate his need to me!

Anyone else have stories like that?

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Chase cracks me up when he asks me for water. When the water bowl is empty he drags and pushes it all around the kitchen floor until he gets it to the living room. He just picks it up and brings it to me. lol
When he wants to go outside to potty he runs for the door and jumps on it, then runs back and forth and does it again.
I love how they learn to communicate with us!!

Bugsy has stared at his leash, then stared at me, back & forth til I got the hint. He stares at his bucket of stuff when he wants a new chewie. He runs up behind me & shoves me with his front paws if I'm not getting ready fast enough (for walkies). He is an "aggressive" nudger when he wants his tummy rubbed, and if I'm not doing it right he will grab my hand with his mouth & move it. Oh ya & if the "stare" doesn't get him what he wants he resorts to the whine & wiggle.

I just posted this as my status :  If I could understand everything Sparty is telling me, I think I would be washing out his mouth with soap pretty often.

That's great, Bev! Reminds me of our cat that has this low growl when she is not happy. We say "I hear kitty cuss words!"

My Corgi, Sebastian, hates it when the alarm goes off on my cell phone. I don't know if it is the tone or what, but he sounds like he is suffering.  The good part is, if I don't hear my cell phone, I certainly hear Sebastian!


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