How to transition from crate training to leaving corgi out

Hi everybody!

I have a five month old corgi girl, and I want to start leaving Bailey out of her crate when I am out. I'm pretty sure she's potty trained, as she hasn't had any accidents recently. The one time I did leave her home alone for several hours, I left puppy pads by the front door but she just ripped it up, but no accidents. If you could share any advice that would be great. I would love to just let her roam free from now on and only use the crate when absolutely necessary.

Also, Bailey's really active, but I'd like to start letting her sleep on the bed at night with me too. How should I go about doing that? Thanks for your help guys!

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I can help you with the night. I just put up a baby gate in my door if its open at night and she doesnt leave. Im not sure how your bedroom is laid out, but I have a pretty high bed so Chloe is too wimpy to jump off. Make sure the floor is clean just in case she jumps off. Most likely she will be to tired and wanna sleep with you. Its not gonna hurt if you do it one night. Just make sure everything is cleaned up just in case.
You may want to wait until 9 months - 1 yr, your pup's bladder will be fully develop then and only then will she be reliable. You girl will soon enter the rebellious stage and that's when the hormone kicks in and relapses occur. I know it's tempting but it really is in your best interest to wait a few more months :)
Thank you so much for your advice. I think I will definitely wait, as I am already sensing her rebellious stage is near haha Oh boy...
We got the puphead portable pee thing for the deck. Mochi gets the full use of the kitchen and deck while we are at work. But yeah i think i should have waited a little longer. She got really destructive and the baseboards show the wear... If you want to leave her and think she can hold her bladder for several hours I would confine her to a space (kitchen) where if she does have an accident then its easier to clean up. I guess that's the only way you will know if she's capable of being left out.

And about the sleeping thing, i really perfer Mochi to sleep in her crate even though I love sleeping with her. I find that she respects me more if she sleep in her crate then on top of my head at night. I don't know if its the whole pack leader thing but Mochi really does behave more when she sleep in her crate at night. Also if she learns to sleep in her crate she will know when its bed time because when the pack leader sleeps the rest sleep too... (i know its really Ceaser Milan-ish but it really works for us.. Mochi's a really controlling Corgi!!) But on weekends she gets to sleep with us though! its like a special treat.
As for leaving her out while you're gone... if you're onlly "pretty sure" that she's potty trained, I doubt that she's ready. You have to completely trust your pup. Plus, keeping them in a crate is just overall more safe..since you never know if she'll get into something she shouldn't eat or chew on wires and hurt herself.

And as for bed sleeping...Gibson's been sleeping on the bed w/us for about a month now, and he's only 4 months :) We started out by just snuggling w/him in bed at night and he got used to it up there. I keep his crate right next to the bed (where he used to sleep) and if he gets rowdy during the night, I stick him back in there. He normally sleeps all the way through the night and doesn't make a peep though. And since he's afraid to jump down, I know where he's at at all times :)
i would still confine her to a space, with a pee pad (and a holder) .. puppy tend to like to tear it apart.. but they will grow out of it.

i kept kaijuu in our kitchen for months ... and he got the idea he had to pee on the pads. took us a year for it to really work! no more accidents, thank god! if you mean potty trained as in she wont make messes without going out. then im not sure that would work all the time. u gotta train them to use the pee pads, in case of emergencies!

how is she at night though? can she go to bed all night without having to pee? thats a good start =)
Yeah! she doesn't make a peep the whole night. She's really good with holding her pee/poop haha
I decided to wait a few more months, too - Ofelia is 6 months old right now. Also, I know we all get surprised now and then and how our corgis can get a hold of things we thought they would ignore. I'm mostly worried about puppy-proofing the place for when I'm away and she's graduated to the entire apartment.
She sounds a little young to be given free range of any area yet. You've yet to reach adolesence when she really starts developing her brain, becoming rebellious and will sometimes forget commands or behaviors she already knows (like potty training or simple things like "sit" or "down").

If you want to give her more space while you are away you can use a baby playpen or gate a safe area where she can't chew up cabinets, baseboards or carpeting.

Sleeping on the bed seems to be a personal preference thing. I keep my puppy in a crate at night right now because he's 7 months old and I don't trust him having free range at night. My adult corgi chooses to sleep on the floor beside the bed. She was never a big chewer so I started letting her sleep on the floor around a year old when I noticed she was doing fine with everything else. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have my baby Basil sleep on the bed with me. He just isn't ready. He will probably take longer than Bernie did to get to that point if ever.
My sister's mother-in-law keeps her puppy in a playpen when she's away and that seems to work for her. My sister's corgis sleep in bed with her. They have an ottoman on the side to get up on the bed. My sister says it's cute sometimes, but other times they'll sleep on her face. I probably won't be letting my corgi up on the bed, just because I'm one of those need-my-bed-space people. I do like napping with her on the floor and the couch, though. Maybe taking short naps with her would be a good transition to spending the night in the bed.
My corgi is 9 months now and is no where near ready to be left out of her crate while we are gone. However, she sleeps in bed with us and we don't have any problems. In the morning she will not get out of bed until we let her. It is really the only time she listens. lol


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