Hyperventilation, Reverse Sneeze Not sure what to call it..

Hello -

My 4 year old female Cori "Roxy" has this hyperventilating thing she does. The first time I saw her do it was when she was a year old and was taking advanced obedience training. I am not sure if she got excited over something but she started to have one of these "fits" and the instructor shouted "Breath in her nose, breath in her nose!" so I did and she stopped. After that she did it one other time at a agility lesson and then never had a fit again.

Until the past couple months they seems to be increasing. She had a really bad one while walking (on a harness not collar) during Trick or Treat this past fall. We could not get her to calm down so I turned around and brought her home and on the walk back she came out of it herself. But now it seems like anytime we go for a walk or down to the the beach she has one of these fits. The strange thing is it mostly happens when we are outside and she is on the leash. Never seems to happen when she is loose and playing either in the house or out in our yard. And down at the beach it is like she gets "over excited" on the walk down and has the fit. As soon as she is off the leash and running and swimming she does not have any.

I have looked it up and read about that "reverse sneeze" thing and was not planning on making a vet appointment just for this but will video record one of the fits to show and bring it up when she goes in for her shots this fall. Was just wondering if other Corgi owners have had this issue with there dogs?

- Jessica

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It is pretty typical for many breeds not just corgis. She just has breathed in some hair or dust. I have seen handlers at dog shows either hold their hand over their nose so they breath out of the mouth or rub the dog's throat for a few minutes. It doesn't appear to be dangerous. The dog is panicing a little because of the object in their nasal passage.

Two of my corgis do it as well. It was hard to explain to vet, so i also video taped it. She said their esphogus can get dry or something like Bev said can start it. Its scary sometimes, sounds like they are choking.

Linus does this quite frequently. Sometimes it is even accompanied by him "spitting up" or the dog equivalent thereof. He's now a year old, and we were nervous puppy parents, so he's been to the vet several times because we were worried, particularly about the spitting up part. Every time he was given a clean bill of health.


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