i was out with some friends having a good time when i wanted to show them a photo of Baden, its one my favorite photos of him and just wanted to share it. i got a few !awww how cute!" "hes such a darling, i love him!" and the next response went like this "hes cute and all but i really think its selfish move to buy a  pure breed dog when theres so many amazing mixes out there. they are full of health problems and cost an arm/leg yet u pretty much get them for their looks. i grew up having only mixes and i cant stand the thought of why u would fall for something many people do. i mean look at how they show dogs making the parade around the ring like, o look at me, im better than the poor lab mix in the shelter. its no different than a kid Padget and he will get put down because of u. just because u wanted a pure breed dog"

it hurt beyond words. i got my first corgi Teddy (R.I.P) who wasnt a standard since he was bluie, but i loved him just the same! i did my research on dogs way before i made the decision. i knew a corgi was perfect fit for my life style. granted he came from a farm but he was an amazing dog. he was becoming a therapy dog because he has such a huge heart for people.

so what i got Baden from a breeder. i love this dog and his breeder was so passionate and so kind when she heard of Teddys passing and let me pick Baden out of the litter and i watched him grow every week when i visited. sure i paid a lot for him but i know she wasnt making a lot off me and i know it was because he was tested for every harmful genetic disease he could get and for his deworming, shots, etc. we still talk to this day!

i guess i just didnt know what to think but to give my 2cents worth and leave. i dont think showing your dogs is cruel at all. i know several people who do and their dogs love it. and on top of all this i have fostered 13 dogs in the past and have adopted 3 cats, not kittens from the shelter.

sorry for the rant, it just hurts that some people think this way about my dog and of me. she made it sound like i sentenced every dog in the shelter to its death 

this is teddy. my first corgi

and this is baden at 3 years old

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Linda, you're spot on when you say "I don't owe anybody an explanation of what I do."  Sometimes people like the judgmental woman you talk about, actually do us a favor by helping us come to those clear conclusions that we can then incorporate in our life.  I was in a Barnes and Noble and a man I knew  came to say hello with his wife, who took one look at my Mini-Dachshund wearing a Service Dog vest and said to me:  "Com'on, you've got to be kidding! You're just faking it so you can take her in with you."  Guess who's smarter, my Mini-Dachshund or that woman.  She meant no harm and I saw her many  times since then.  I just know some of her limitations..... and could not care less about what she chooses to think.

@ Linda and John Wolffe: You two must be saints. I admire people who can tolerate others' obtuseness and bad manners with patience and forebearance. One of my great shortcomings is a short fuse where fools are concerned. Heh! Maybe that's why no one has had the nerve to make remarks like that to me: they sense I could bite? :-D

i count imagine getting comments like that, thats just awful and i dont understand why people have to judge like that. im so sorry you had to experience that :(

Simply a case of someone with a passionately held belief, based on emotion but not reason, thinking her view is the only correct one.   Sort of like the vegan telling her family off at Thanksgiving dinner for eating turkey and ruining everyone's holiday, yet somehow managing to feel virtuous about it.  I know it hurts but remember that people can only hurt you if you let them.  

We all remember Teddy so well, and how much you loved him.  I think I speak for everyone when I say how happy we are you found Biden and the joy he's brought into your life.

thank you Beth :), that means a lot

Beth....exactly, I see it here in our area.  My friend has been trying for almost 2 years to adopt a small dog. She has her name in at our local SPCA (no kill shelter) which seems to only have pitties, pit mixes, rotties, rotty mixes. GSDs and mixes. She has her name in at rescues in several counties.  She was offered a small dog but the dog came up from the south and had heartworm.  Then she was offered another one from a different shelter, after evaluation the shelter said the dog would not be suitable...it did not like kids and she has 2 small grandsons.  She is 74, she can't handle a big dog nor does she want to take on a dog with health problems.  She knows that a health problem can happen at any time but she doesn't want to start out with one and I can understand that.  She has finally decided that in the spring she will go to a breeder.

Rebecca,  I can't tell you how nice it was to see Teddy's picture again (and the incredibly handsome Baden, too).  Teddy was such a special dog; I always loved your stories about him and I still think about him often (with a mixture of smiles and tears). His life has had a direct impact on so many of us.  He may have spent a short time on this Earth, but he's still working to keep other dogs safe via your sharing of his story.  I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about the numbskull "friend" with her misguided comments. Don't let it bother you, and give that sweet Baden a big scritching behind the ears for me! 

thank you so much Elisabeth. this really made my day so much better :) i love the fact u enjoyed hearing about our adventures, especially when we started out therapy training. that was so much fun and u all loved the photos so much. im just so glad u enjoyed those moments just as much as i did.

also Baden says thank you for the scratches ;) lol

@Vicky....I don't tolerate stupidity when it comes from small-minded people when it's directed at someone else.  That was not the only ignorant remake that was made concerning our adoption choice.  I was hurt badly by a long time male friend who served in Viet Nam in what he choose to call my daughter when we told him we were adopting.  That did end our friendship.  I've dealt with people who have made some really stupid remarks because I am hearing impaired and wear 2 hearing aids.  In order to keep my peace of mind I've learned it's their problem and not mine.

thank you everyone for your kind words and reading my post. when it happened i came home and didnt know what to think, i was just so hurt by what she said but after awhile i began to realize it dosnt matter what she thinks or anyone for that matter. whats important is i know what i have dont in the past to help others and i know i got Baden when teddy passed because i knew he would help me get through it and which he did.

thank you for your compliments on my pups and im so glad u didnt forget about Teddy and that u all adored him :) i sure do miss him every day and the work we did together. he has such a huge heart and loved people so much so you know how heart broken i was when he died but i just hope that i saved some lives telling others what happned. Baden truly helped me with his passing. he got me out of depression and we share so many great moments together like our trip to San Fransisco for the corgi meetup so of course he means so much more to me than a dog. hes a dog that was there for me when i felt so low and depressed. i would cry and he would just curl up in my lap and try everything in puppy way to make me laugh and when i did he woud run and grab a toy to play wit

im thinking she didnt understand why i was so upset and attached to Baden or Teddy for that matter simply because shes never had that bond with any animal before

A lot of people go about promoting shelter dogs all wrong. Tearing somebody down is not going to make them want to adopt from a shelter. It'll probably make them decide they don't want anything to do with it! They might expect the staff at the shelter to treat them like this person did.

People like your friend would really benefit from learning some tact. One should never insult an owner for the dog choices they've already made  just kindly encourage them to consider a shelter dog in the future.

And you can buy a dog from a breeder and still save lives. By not allowing it to run around and breed breed breed you have stopped the creation of many puppies. Those puppies will never take up space in a shelter and therefore that space can be used by other dogs. Vola!

That said I wouldn't wanna buy from a breeder that wasn't responsible.

Our baby Betty is a pure bred Cardi. We got her from a corgi foster when the rescue owner died. I have no papers but could care less. I have Betty. We are so fortunate to have this girl in our lives. I don't really care what people think one way or the other.

Your baby is beautiful. Since it is almost impossible to find corgis in shelters I see nothing wrong with going to a breeder for the breed you want. Your friends comment is sorta like " Why did you buy a BMW when there are all kinds of used Chevys looking for a garage to call their own."

While it's true there are thousands of shelter animals doomed to euthanasia, it must be understood that overpopulation is due to irresponsible owners and people who don't understand that a companion animal is not property, to be discarded when you tire of them. 

We adopted. You bought. This in no way means that you don't love your animal. I suspect we won't be seeing Baden in an animal shelter. So, in a way you made room for another unfortunate animal to maybe get a furever home.


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