i was out with some friends having a good time when i wanted to show them a photo of Baden, its one my favorite photos of him and just wanted to share it. i got a few !awww how cute!" "hes such a darling, i love him!" and the next response went like this "hes cute and all but i really think its selfish move to buy a  pure breed dog when theres so many amazing mixes out there. they are full of health problems and cost an arm/leg yet u pretty much get them for their looks. i grew up having only mixes and i cant stand the thought of why u would fall for something many people do. i mean look at how they show dogs making the parade around the ring like, o look at me, im better than the poor lab mix in the shelter. its no different than a kid Padget and he will get put down because of u. just because u wanted a pure breed dog"

it hurt beyond words. i got my first corgi Teddy (R.I.P) who wasnt a standard since he was bluie, but i loved him just the same! i did my research on dogs way before i made the decision. i knew a corgi was perfect fit for my life style. granted he came from a farm but he was an amazing dog. he was becoming a therapy dog because he has such a huge heart for people.

so what i got Baden from a breeder. i love this dog and his breeder was so passionate and so kind when she heard of Teddys passing and let me pick Baden out of the litter and i watched him grow every week when i visited. sure i paid a lot for him but i know she wasnt making a lot off me and i know it was because he was tested for every harmful genetic disease he could get and for his deworming, shots, etc. we still talk to this day!

i guess i just didnt know what to think but to give my 2cents worth and leave. i dont think showing your dogs is cruel at all. i know several people who do and their dogs love it. and on top of all this i have fostered 13 dogs in the past and have adopted 3 cats, not kittens from the shelter.

sorry for the rant, it just hurts that some people think this way about my dog and of me. she made it sound like i sentenced every dog in the shelter to its death 

this is teddy. my first corgi

and this is baden at 3 years old

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Some people take a superior stance on an issue but have serious inferiorities in other areas-- like tact and people skills. I usually just say, "Thanks for your opinion," and continue telling about whatever it is was I was saying to the others in the group, or change the subject or walk away if they are the only one I am speaking to. I agree that there are too many nice people out there to waste time hanging around with someone who puts down something she knows you hold dear. Does this person have any kids? Did she adopt them? Hmmmm....

Rude is rude, no matter what high minded notions people claim to have.

After a life time of much loved mutts, I became the owner of two corgis and can't ever imagine not now having one. Thay are actually fairly rare where I live and give rise to lots of positive commentary.

Next time somebody launches into that sort of a diatribe, tell them that you are glad you didn't tell them your 401K is invested in a foie gras farm or a mink farm or a veal slaughterhouse or that you can't wait to go on your vacation , clubbing baby seals because it is so tension relieving......that should soften their cough.

"Stumpy legs unite!"

How long after mating does it take before you can tell that a dog is pregnant? If the mating just happened, and the owners knew about it, they may have turned her in "just in case" she got pregnant so they wouldn't have to deal with it and the shelter may not have even known yet. Or they could have pulled a fast one. Who knows?!

That is so well put!

Friend recently had shoulder replacement surgery. He'd adopted a full-grown but completely untrained lab from the local humane society. This was a LARGE dog, and it really was out of control. My friend at the time was a fit, physically strong man, but not too bright about dogs. He insisted on using a clothesline rope as a lead, even though I offered him one of the leather leashes I had for my German shepherd. He refused to give up this idea that he wouldn't give up even after the dog gave him some nice rope burns. So one day he took the critter for a walk, with the rope tied around his arm. He got about a block from home when Pooch decided to shoot off down the street after something. It yanked him off his feet and dragged him about 3/4 of a block down the road, on his shoulder.

Friend had no health insurance -- he would go TDY for the AF Reserves about three months a year, and that was where he was getting his healthcare. So of course he didn't go to the doctor for what was obviously a seriously injured shoulder. He suffered chronic, debilitating pain for years, until finally, on Medicare's dime, he went in and had a shoulder replacement.

At any rate, there was another dog that ended up back in the shelter. He thought I was crazy because I paid cash money to get that GerShep as a puppy...and I guess he was trying to "show" me by going over and getting the dog from the pound. The shepherd was equally capable of dragging me down the street -- except that by the time she got big enough to do so, it never entered her mind. This was a) because shepherds were a known quantity to me and b) she started learning to walk on a lead the minute she toddled in the house.

He wasn't the self-righteous type, but he was the parsimonious type: felt you shouldn't ever have to pay to get a dog.

Mrs Fakename.....you want to compare adopting a dog from a shelter to buying a pure bred dog to adopting a child or having "your own"?  Really?  Under that premise then only those of us who can't have children must resort to adopting a homeless orphan even tho we have no idea what we are getting.  I must be so lucky that the homeless orphan I adopted turned out to intelligent, beautiful and an all around special woman.  Not to mention the 2 corgis and 3 cats that I adopted.   And that's the just the current crop that lives in this house. Obviously I am blessed.

{sigh} I doubt if she meant to be insulting... Many folks who have spawned a few of their own have joined those who can't have kids but are generous and loving enough to adopt. Too bad more of us aren't strong and open-hearted enough to find space in our lives for parentless children.

You put your finger on what's wrong with the "pet parent" trope, though! Dogs and cats are NOT our children. As much as we may love them dearly, they're members of another species. Our own children and the lost and homeless children of other humans should come first in our hearts and minds.

Vicky....you can stop sighing.  I'm sure she didn't mean to be insulting, but it was a serious case of not thinking.

LOL! Humanity makes me sigh.

You're from DC :)! Me too. and..shame on them. Quite frankly, I would like to group in adopting shelter dogs right now with running half marathons, being gluten free, and doing crossfit. Not to say that any of those are bad things, I for one fall into those categories. My point being though, it's trendy to do these things for the wrong reasons just as much as it is for the right reasons.

I see nothing wrong with getting a pure breed dog, and see nothing wrong with getting a shelter dog. It's about personal preference and what you are looking for and prepared to handle.

Don't let them get you down, they are adorable babies :)

you have a very good point :) and thank you so much

I just read you post and haven't looked at all the reply.  Although I feel it's such a closed minded attitude from this person, I can't help but laugh in a way at the narrow minded approach of this person.   People like this makes me sad and I would do anything to avoid comments (brush it off) if you will, as they probably pride themselves in being "rescuers" from the pound.    Sure not all dog as bad in pounds, but lets face it.... he/she didn't rescue a dog.... No sir/mam!!   You merely paid a donation to get a dog that you have no way to know it's past.    Plus such a comment shows they do not know anything about the breed, the history and makes it beleive that they KNOW why owners get this breed????     Come on!!!

So in a way I would suggest such a person to go in the businees of "All knowing aka Know It All Psychic" and have their own column in the local paper.  


I've had people come up to me at the park with questions such as:

*  Oh whats that?

*  Really a Corgi?  But what about the tail?

*  Are you sure it's a corgi, the white on the nose says "mini border collie".


I just try to educate them a bit and brush off their attempt for a narrow minded conversation.   

Love Badden's colors and seems to be a beautiful spot where the picture was taken.

thank you! :) we were at his favorite park, lots of ponds and trails.

but o my gosh u dont u hate when others try to inform u what your own dog is? ugh, how frustrating


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