Ok, this could be fun! Who doesn't like to brag, right? I'm sure we all think our little gal or guy is the cleverest dog ever, and Corgi's are known to be an intelligent breed. What makes yours the smartest one of all?

I know Jack is a genius because he knows the name of all his toys. He has about a dozen toys, 80% of which are some sort of ball, and he can tell them all apart and will get the correct one when you ask for it. It's a riot to see him trotting around the house looking for the right one; if he's bored I send him for one I haven't seen in a few days and watch him look under the couch, behind the toilet, in the back of his crate, and every which way for that toy. Sometimes if you ask for a toy he doesn't feel like playing with, he'll go over and poke it once with his nose and look at you as if to say "If you want it so bad, get it yourself; it's right there!"

When we bring home a new toy, we will say the name of the toy twice and he's got it. He can also cross-reference by game. For example, I taught him catch with a ball called Knobbly Wobbly, and he will get that ball if I say "Where's Knobbly Wobbly?" or if I say "Do you want to play catch?"

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were on our deck with a small telescope. Shawn commented that he thought we could see the rings of Saturn. And we could! Very cool, so we commented on how clearly you could see the rings.

Jack barked once and looked at us. I thought he might need to go to the bathroom (the deck is gated but our yard is not fenced, so he needs to be taken off with a leash so he can go potty). So I went in the house with him and went to grab his leash, when he comes running out of the living room with his rubber rings in his mouth and a gleam in his eye. He heard us talking about rings, so he went and got them; he didn't need to potty at all.

So, why is your Corgi a genius? Share your stories of Corgi acumen. :-)

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I know my corgi is a genius because when I tell her "No" when she's going for something, she tries to come at it from another direction. So if she's creeping up on the cat around the table, I tell her no and she'll go around the table the OTHER way. Because you know. It'll be ok from that direction.
Gwynnie sold all of our stocks and real estate and bought gold (plus a 10% share in a bacon packing plant) in July 2008.
Wow, she is a genius.
Let us know when Gwynnie sets up shop, we could use some help. Bertie just likes to bury his money and hope it grows.
Best thing you can do with it. Gwynnie cashed in our holdings in WaMu and buried it in the back yard, just before the biggest bank failure in US history. Now she can't remember where she buried it.
Genius has its limits. Stupidity labors under no such restraints.
I think Duncan is a genius with his Kong. When he wants his peanut butter treat, he'll bring it to you and drop it at your feet. One day, I thought he had enough treats for the day and when he brought his Kong, I told him no more treats. He sat for a minute, picked it up and went into the front room where my husband was sitting. Next thing I know, my husband is bringing the Kong in and putting peanut butter in it. Duncan did what most kids do, if mom says no......go ask dad.
That is a genius! ;-)
I don't know if it qualifies but Sparty is a mind reader. Even if we try to hide our thoughts he knows what is going to happen. He also learns very quickly. He loves stuffed toys and tears them up in seconds but as a puppy I caught him with a stuffed people toy. I took it from him and told him no. After that he never touched one of my daughters stuffed animals again. No matter where they were left. Any trick we taught him took minutes to learn. He is my best friend.
I know that Brodie is a genius because he can tell time. Everyday at 5:00 on the dot he starts staring at me to feed him. By 5:05 he starts his little "huff - huufs". This cycle continues until we go to the kitchen where he will wait on the rug for dinner.
Oh yeah, Daylight Savings really messes them up doesn't it?
hahahaha! For us it's 4 -- I work from home on a split day, and sit down at my computer at 3 for my PM shift. At 3:59 on the dot, there are two furry bodies parked at my feet and 4 brown eyes staring intently at my face. By 4:01, they have both collapsed, claiming low blood sugar and fainting spells. If that doesn't work, they start nudging my chair (on wheels) toward the kitchen door by about 4:05. Talk about alarm clocks....
I start getting the corgi stare about a half hour before and the dobe starts to pace because she doesn't understand about the power of the stare. After daylight savings, they all make me crazy for a month. (that is the spring one). In the fall they all think I have just come to my senses and realized how starving they are. Funny how they don't waste away completely!!


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