and not being very successful.

Purely out of curiosity, I wanted to see a pure white and a pure black PWC. I was able to find 2 pictures of a white PWC but am having no luck finding pictures of an all black PWC. I understand the breed standards and that this would be an anomaly. Like I said, just curious.


Has anyone seen, heard of, taken pictures of, owned one or dreams of an all black PWC?

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Not I. It would be very very unusual to have a solid black dog without points. Where did you find the pic of the solid white corgi?
I realize it would be unusual. I have been searching all day today. Nothing. There has to be a breeder here that's seen one.

I don't think I would really consider that an all white corgi, she's definitely an extremely light fawn but you can still see the blaze up her face which is actually white.


Here's another similar dog:

Close enough! Now for that black one.
It would be quicker if someone photoshop one for you!
That's cheating!
She's beautiful!
Yes she is, but now that I've seen one, it reminds me too much of an Alaskan Eskimo dog I once had. Actually it belonged to my girlfriend at the time. Meanest little ball of white fur I ever met.
Who the dog or the girlfriend?   Now you know you set yourself up for this right?   :)  

LOL! Both!


That has to be a corgi mix, maybe malamute, because red eyes would make it an albino.


But the only way to get pure white would be to get an albino. The closet thing I've seen to a black corgi is a black lab and corgi cross.


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