Just wanting to see some pics of corgi mixes that might be a little unusual...I had a corgi staffordshire terrier mix and she was so cute. Wish I had a pic, she had very short legs and the cute corgie ears, she was white with brendle patches. She looked just like the dog in this link just not the same color...


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I've seen some very cute Corgi mixes and some rather unattractive ones. I saw one on Petfinder yesterday that was a Pug/Corgi mix and it had a face only a mother could love. If you at my discussion from a while back on Corgi hybrids you'll see some other mixes. Most of these are mixes that people breed for which causes a lot of controversy.

Here's the link:
He's so gorgeous!

He looks sooo soft! I want to cuddle him!

This is Dillon--the best friend I could ever have had or ever will. He was adopted by me from the Pitt County Humane Society in North Carolina in May of 1992 when he was 8 months old. He was a corgi mix, not sure with what. Maybe white labrador? He had the corgi bunny butt, fur and all, but his tail was broken and hung down. Years later we learned someone must have kicked him when his tail was down, as it broke it completely free of his body--why it hung down his whole life and never wagged. He died on March 12, 2007, from severe dementia and the inability to walk anymore. Not sure if it was degenerative myelopathy or not. He was the best dog- I literally think we were soul mates. I miss him terribly still.
Very touching story, I know how it feels to lose a dog that you love. I lost my boston terrier a few years ago and i miss him so much, and while my pit bull didn't pass away i had to give him up because of size restriction in the apartments I miss them both so much!
I have a corgi/chow mix

Here's her Dogster picture:
AWWWWW too cute, reminds me of a dog i had named draven, he was a chow and jack russell mix.
She's a beauty!
This is a picture of my corgi mix Morgan. We are not sure what he is mixed with but he is cute. The rescue said he was a corgi chi mix, but he is huge so I am guessing some kind f terrier.

Tooo cute! Reminds me of Gizmo, iI'm hoping to find another dog similar to her
This is my pride and joy Loki half Corgi half Aussie Cattle Dog...whole troublemaker.

Check out this group we have:

My Bruce's pictures are on this page. He's a corgi/elkhound mix and a real cutie, although a bit funny-looking!


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