Ok, this is for all you multi-dog people out there!

We have been searching for a puppy, but it's short notice to get one this summer (long story on why we're looking on such short notice, but we have a good reason!).

We have had a possibility fall into our laps. A wonderful woman who shows and occasionally breeds has a 6-year-old female that she would like to place in a forever home. She was helping us (very kindly, I might add, as we never got a puppy from her and only met her once) find us a breeder who might have a litter, when she asked if we might consider taking in a middle-aged spayed female who is ready to retire.

So, I sent a long list of questions about her history, behavior with other dogs, socialization, etc. What is everyone's experience bringing in an adult? Jack loves other dogs, but of course living with one 24/7 is not the same as playing with one outside or having one stop by the house for a little while.

Anything special I should consider? This dog lives in the house and if she is one I remember meeting, is very sweet. She is used to other dogs, but I am waiting to hear how she is otherwise.

Puppy-raising is great fun, but there is also some appeal to the idea of bringing in an adult who's already house-broken and past the eating-the-furniture stage of development.

It's something I might consider, but of course it would need to be the right move for both myself and my husband, and of course my existing pets.


Ok, now it's decision time.

First of all, more about Becky. She is 6 and was recently spayed. She has all her breeding health clearances. She is on thyroid medication. Any experience with that?

She was acquired as a three-year-old from one breeder, after having had two litters. The breeder I am talking to now finished out Becky's championship and had one litter with her. Now she is retired and was recently spayed.

She is apparently sweet and submissive. Good with kids (we don't have any, but we are always swarmed by them out walking). She is not sure how she'd be with cats, but says she is so sweet and laid-back she doubts she'd chase a cat. Apparently this is NOT a rough-and-tumble Corgi; however who knows what she'd be like in a house with just one other dog and a more steady routine than that of a show dog.

IF we decided to take her, we would have her on a two-week trial or so initially, and of course if at any point things didn't work out, the breeder would take her back.

Now here's the dilemma. This very kind woman has also hooked us up with a breeder in New Jersey who has a litter of 9-week-olds that will be ready to go soon. I am not sure if she would have a female available, but I corresponded with her and specifically requested a female, and she did not say no. I am meant to talk to her today as well.

It never rains but it pours! So, now I have to decide, puppy or adult? I do love puppies and puppy-raising. On the other hand, we went through a year and a bit of getting Jack to the point where he was mature enough to be reliable left alone and didn't need so much work every day. Then we went through almost 6 months where my husband was working evenings and Sundays, so finally we've just gotten our lives back after almost two years of chaos, and that makes a made adult sound appealing as well.

I have her pic. I can post it later when I'm home.

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Congrats! beautiful :)
congrats!!! she is a cutie =)
She is a beautiful girl! Love the eyes. I have never been able to individually train one while the other is there by the way. They all want to be the smartest one in class! They look like a great combo.
Madison was a show dog, so she knows how to stand, come, and walk nicely on a leash, and that's about it. She does not like to sit (she was undoubtedly conditioned not to for the shows).

So for now we are working on "stay" since they can both do that together. Jack sits and Maddie stands, and since Jack has a reliable stay, I can work on Maddie.

The funniest thing is the look on Jack's face when she moves. His expression says, more clearly than words, "Stop shifting around like that or we'll never get that treat!!!!"
Congratulations! Madison is beautiful! I hope that they continue to get along.
Congratulations! Sounds like Madison is going to be a good fit.She is really beautiful.

Oh no. I am starting to want another one... I said I would only get ONE dog and that is IT. But they are sooo cute and Tuck loves playing with other dogs...I've only had him 6 months - must use some self restraint...
good luck !!! I only lasted about a year before the urge to have a 2nd corgi kicked in =) then the puppy hunt was on.............
Who needs self restraint?! LOL So many people who have Corgis seem to collect them....
How are Madison & Jack doing? Is she fitting right in?
They are doing wonderfully. I was thinking of updating the thread about how we are slowly getting them used to each other, in case it might be helpful to others down the road.

She is a sweet girl. That first week she was fairly quiet, since she was not used to us yet. She was a bit timid around big dogs, she wasn't really playing much, and we did not hear her make a sound.

Over this past weekend, she's coming into her own. She's not so nervous around strange dogs now (though she's not as excited to see them as Jack is). She's been chasing tennis balls and made a few brief efforts to play with Jack--- I think she's still working up to that, and I can't blame her for being cautious because he's quite intense when he plays! And she barks! She has the cutest little Stevie Nicks bark; she sounds a bit hoarse compared to Jack's loud clear bark.

Jack has been a doll. He has not growled at her at all. He's been ok if she goes in his crate or chews on a toy, although he is not happy if she goes for one of his fleecy toys. He doesn't growl, though, just takes it away.

The first week we kept her crated or penned while we were not home, and also kept Jack gated out of the kitchen. This week she's still confined but he can access the kitchen. I think next week we will try leaving her loose at night if all continues to go well.

So far it's been a relatively easy transition. Jack is an independent guy so he does not seem at all jealous. Maddie is more clingy so she will try to nose in if I'm paying attention to Jack, but I make sure she knows that she gets attention on my terms, not hers. The only thing I need to figure out is how to train her; since she was a show dog, as soon as she sees a treat or thinks you want her attention, she stands and it is tough to convince her to sit down.

It was not an easy decision since we had the choice of a new puppy, an older puppy, or her, but I'm pretty sure that we made the right decision.
Great to hear that the transition is going well for all of you! It sounds like Maddie will have a happy retirement :)


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