We have a four year old Corgi, Sadie, who has been an only child for a while. When we first got her, we had a 10 year old rat terrier, Gizmo, but she wasn't too active. For the last year and a half, Sadie has lived solely with just us.

We just got an adorable 10 week old puppy, Dexter, and are looking for any introduction tips! He has only had 2 puppy shots so we couldn't take him out anywhere, so we did the introductions by separating rooms and then swapping and seeing how that went. Sadie was wagging her tail at first, and then peed on my foot when Dexter came close.

I know it will take time, so I'm just looking for some tips. I tried searching the forums, but must not have come across the right post.

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If she is not initiating aggression - and it does not sound like she is -  they will be fine. Just make sure the puppy does not pester her and don't leave them alone together when you are gone as he will pester her for sure. If he gets out of line with her, a warning growl from her would be appropriate behavior, teaching him to respect her boundaries.  If you see this happen, teach the pup to respect her by siding with her and having him stop what he was doing that elicited the reprimand.  Enjoy!

I am with Anna, just don't let the puppy push Sadie too much and don't punish her for warning him off. She has a right to her space. Most older dogs will accept a puppy if the puppy learns manners.

We had a similar situation.  Griffin, our 3 year old, was used to another dog, a lab mix, who had been with his ever since he was brought into our home at about 4 months of age.  We lost the lab at Christmastime, and we got a new baby Corgi, 10 weeks old, in March.  The two of them have an interesting relationship.  When they play, Griffin has no limits.  Violet can do absolutely anything to Griffin, including jumping on him, biting his ears, his tongue, just anything she wants to do, he accepts.  But when playtime is over, Griffin wants his space.  He becomes pretty territorial, particularly over food and rawhide bones.  They seem to have worked out an uneasy peace, though, and when they go on walks, everything is perfectly fine.  I think they are best buddies, but Griffin just likes some things his way.  Not unfair, I think


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