I took Emmy to her annual doggie "Howl-o-Ween" party today.  All was going great as usual, until another corgi came.  I think Emmy has only ever met one other corgi when she was about a year old.  There were about 40 dogs at this event, and Emmy went after the other corgi twice. I ended up having to leash her.  Later on I was in another play room and yet another corgi arrived!  (I was in my glory!)  This corgi was a puppy (Emmy loves puppies) so I took her off her leash to play, and she went after that corgi too!  I was shocked and embarassed!  For the first time ever I had "that dog" at the doggie event that I know other people were thinking "why does she have that mean dog here?"  After the corgis were gone I let Emmy off leash and all was right with the world again.  If it had been just the first dog I would have thought it was just an odd coincidence that they didn't like eachother, but the fact that she went after the only two corgis there, one female and one male, makes me think she has an issue with her own kind.  Can this even be possible?  Do I have an anti-corgi corgI?  I am still in shock (and embarassed) from her behavior today.    

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I think it's totally possible. Franklin definitely has breed prejudice. He HATES (and is terrified of) huskies and german shepherds but LOVES LOVES LOVES labs and pitts. I don't know what triggers these responses but they are definitely there.
My corgi Chloe adored Jack Russells and boxer pups. If either one was at the dog park, she immediately went to play with them. She was definitely more interested in corgis when they met up, but not as entranced as with the other two breeds. We were just having a conversation about this last night and decided that distinct breeds move differently and act differently and definitely there's something about that that dogs can recognize. But, we also discussed, and this might have something to do with it, that other corgis are at immediate eye level whereas a lot of other dogs are much higher. Maybe the fact that Emmy could read their faces had something to do with it. She was trying to tell them that she was top corgi, and females definitely like to be the boss.
teddy has his preference in dog breeds as well. when it comes to corgis he is ok as long as they are females but if they are male he tries to avoid them. for some reason teddy adores jack russles. he will run at them and they see that and they just play his other favs are dachshunds and beagles. he hate labs, huskeys and boxers and most of all:pugs. he charges at pug like how you were describing. i was embarrassed but the pug would run at him for no reason and then teddy would do it until the pug sub misses. i wouldnt worry:)
If you've exhausted every behaviour training and she still show "prejudice", accept it and be happy. There are dogs / human that get along fine with everyone, then there are dogs / human that are comfortable with a few select bffs. I know it can be disappointing for the dogs owners, but each dog / human kids have different personality, accept them and don't push them over the edge. Remember that's "if" you've exhausted every resources out there.
My Corgi girl absolutely loves Shelties and Basset Hounds. With other dogs she can be hit and miss (likes some, dislikes others and I can't judge by the dogs' size/behavior who she will like and who she won't), but she always loves Shelties and Bassets. So I'm sure the reverse is also true, about not liking some breeds.

I agree it's quite likely about the eye-level thing. Most dogs that are eye-level with a Corgi are much smaller and lighter that a Corgi, so it's unusual to meet a medium-sized dog they'd be face to face with.
Both of my Corgis like to pretend that they are the only other Corgis on earth (Bertie thought he was a solitary Corgi, but had to widen his world to include Ethel; she sees them as SuperCorgi and her sidekick, Bertie). When they see other Corgis, they simply pretend they aren't there. Any other dog -- Bertie will run up and sniff, while Ethel will do her air-snapping, leave me alone, act -- but another Corgi? Huh? Where? I don't see, smell or hear one, there's only us....

One of these days I'm going to take them to a Corgi specialty, I expect smoke to come out of their ears while they attempt to pretend there are no other dogs in sight.
That is a riot. :-)
It's so weird how dogs have preferences. Ella likes dogs her size, not bigger and not smaller. One time at the vet's office there was Ella, beagle mix, great dane, and a larger fluffy dog. Well the beagle was spastic, so the big fluffy dog growled at it from across the room. My crazy corgi (the smallest of the group) looked at that fluffy dog and growled back and moved closer to the beagle. The fluffy dog hadn't even seen Ella til then because she was behind a little half wall.
Thank goodness everyone was on leashes and I scooted Ella back by my leg. She spent the rest of the time keeping an eye on everyone.
My corgi gets along with other breeds (including corgis) at the dog park, but, my son's corgi doesn't care much for other corgis. My son has decided that Toby doesn't like any corgi that is cuter than him!!!
Might it be sibling rivalary of a sort? For a while, we thought Edison was anti-corgi, until we realized that he was likely getting jealous of all the cooing over another dog- and as you might expect, we coo over corgis more than any other breed, particularly corgi puppies. Eventually, we learned to tag team such interactions- one of us would admire the other corgi or corgi puppy, while Edison (at a safe distance) got lots of pats and treats from the other, and then we switch off. After a few minutes of this, Edison is safe to interact with other corgis. :)


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